Property Rights in the Colonial Era and Early Republic

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James W. Ely
Taylor & Francis, 1997 - 424 من الصفحات
A multidisciplinary overview This new series gathers a broad selection of the best scholarly literature dealing with property rights in American constitutional history. The initial three volumes deal with the historical aspects of property ownership, many of which are relevant to contemporary developments. Another volume is devoted to the contract clause, which was the heart of a great deal of constitutional litigation. Two volumes deal directly and at length with current issues, such as regulatory takings. The authors come from a variety of disciplines, including history, law, and political science, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to the debate, and providing an excellent background for understanding contemporary issues. A versatile classroom and student research resource Because it gathers so many important articles from law reviews, academic journals, and books, including classic essays by prominent 19th-century authorities, this collection is a valuable resource for lawschools. But its thorough exploration of a vital issue that has been the concern of legislators, courts, and citizens since the founding of the republic also makes it useful in American History classes. Professors will appreciate the collection because it gives them access to a concentration of material for classroom use and it's a user-friendly way to introduce students to a variety of opinions and, diversity of sources that can get them started on doing their own research. Students will appreciate the many articles as a veritable gold mine of information. Also available individually by volume: 1. Property Rights in the Colonial Era and Early Republic (0-8153-2683-1) 432 pages 2. Property Rights in the Age of Enterprise (0-81532684-X) 440 pages 3. Reform and Regulation of Property Rights (0-8153-2685-8) 416 pages 4. The Contract Clause in American History (0-8153-2686-6) 440 pages 5. Contemporary Property Rights Issues (0-8153-26874) 432 pages 6. Main Themes in the DebateOver Property Rights (0-8153-2688-2) 425 pages

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Property Rights in the Colonial Era and Early Republic
The Doctrine of Due Process of Law Before the Civil
Reassessing the Impact of Eminent Domain in Early American
Economic Policy and
Business Regulation in Early Pennsylvania
Republicanism and the Law of Inheritance in the American
Thomas Jefferson and the Right to Property in Revolutionary
The Origins and Original Significance of the Just Compensation
Property Rights and Civil Order on
Property Law Expropriation and Resource Allocation
Conflicting Depictions
A General Theory of Eminent Domain
Rationale and Reality
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