The Geographical, Natural and Civil History of Chili, المجلدات 1-2

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الصفحة 3 - Leader still our present state demands, To guide to vengeance our impatient bands; Fit for this hardy task that Chief I deem, Who longest may sustain a massive beam: Your rank is equal, let your force be tried And for the strongest let his strength decide." The chieftains acquiesce in this proposal. The beam is produced, and of a size so enormous that the poet declares himself afraid to specify its weight. The first chieftains who engage in the trial support it on their shoulders five and six hours...
الصفحة 2 - I deem my due. These marks of age, you see, such thoughts disown In me, departing for the world unknown ; But my warm love, which ye have long possest, Now prompts that counsel which you'll find the best. "Why should we now for marks of glory jar? "Why wish to spread our martial name afar?
الصفحة 2 - Now prompts that counsel which you'll find the best. Why should we now for marks of glory jar ? Why wish to spread our martial name afar ? Crushed as we are by Fortune's cruel stroke, And bent beneath an ignominious yoke, 111 can our minds such noble pride maintain, While the fierce Spaniard holds our galling chain. Your generous fury here ye vainly show; Ah! rather pour it on th...
الصفحة 1 - Embosom'd deep in woods, a cool retreat, Where gentle Flora sheds her annual blooms, And with her fragrant scents the air perfumes. The sweet perfumes the Zephyrs waft away, Deep whispering through the groves in wanton play ; And to the limpid stream that purls below The rising gales in solemn concert blow.
الصفحة 109 - St. lago, or St. Peter, was there. I must say that all our works and victories are by the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that in this battle there were for each of us so many Indians, that they could have covered us with handfuls of earth, if it had not been that the great mercy of God helped us in every thing. And it may be that he of whom Gomara speaks, was the glorious Santiago or San Pedro, and I, as a sinner, was not worthy to see him ; but he...
الصفحة 33 - From clashing clouds the mingled torrents gush, And rain and hail with rival fury rush. Bolts of loud thunder, floods of lightning rend The opening skies, and into earth descend.
الصفحة 160 - Vain were the attempts of the unfortunate general to prevail upon Reynoso, whose name is held in detestation not only by the Araucanians, but by the Spaniards themselves, who have ever reprobated, his conduct, as contrary to those principles of generosity on which they pride themselves as a nation. He ordered the sentence to be immediately executed ; and a priest, who had been sent for to converse with the prisoner, pretending that he had converted him, hastily administered the sacrament of baptism....
الصفحة 60 - All sunk! all turn'd to this abhorr'd disgrace, To live the slave of this ignoble race ! • Say, had thy soul no strength, thy hand no lance, To triumph o'er the fickle pow'r of chance ? Dost thou not know that, to the Warrior's name, A gallant exit gives immortal fame ? Behold the burthen which my breast contains, Since of thy love no other pledge remains!

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