Reports of the Proceedings in Committees of the House of Commons, Upon Controverted Elections, Heard and Determined During the Present Parliament, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
E. Brooke, T. Whieldon, and J. Debrett, 1785

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الصفحة 612 - ... persons, of whom the clerk or one of the clerks assistant of the House, shall always be one, and one of the following officers, not...
الصفحة 593 - ... by descent, succession, marriage, marriage settlement, devise or promotion to any benefice in a Church, or by promotion to any office...
الصفحة 286 - Do you trust that you are inwardly moved by the Holy Ghost to take upon you this Office and Ministration, to serve God for the promoting of his glory, and the edifying of his people? Answer. I trust so. The Bishop. Do you think that you are truly called, according to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the due order of this Realm, to the Ministry of the Church?
الصفحة 560 - ... or his or their deputy or deputies, or any person employed by or under him or them in receiving, collecting, or managing the revenue of the post-office, or any part thereof...
الصفحة 554 - ... or any branch or part thereof; nor any commissioner, officer or other person concerned or employed in collecting, receiving, or managing any of the duties on stamped vellum, parchment, and paper, nor any person appointed by the...
الصفحة 581 - the Toleration act only amounts to an exemption of the Protestant Dissenters from the penalties of certain laws therein particularly mentioned, and to nothing more ; that, if it had been intended to bear, and to have any operation upon the Corporation act, the Corporation Act ought to have been mentioned therein; and there ought to have been some enacting clause, exempting dissenters from prosecution in consequence of this act, and enabling them to plead their not having received the sacrament according...
الصفحة 287 - Whofe fins thou doft forgive, they are forgiven ; and whofe fins thou doft retain, they are retained. And be thou a faithful Difpenfer of the Word of God, and of his hoiy Sacraments ; In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Hoiy Ghoft.
الصفحة 611 - Surety shall be changed, the Order for taking such Petition into Consideration shall, if necessary, be postponed, so that no such Petition shall be taken into Consideration till after such Recognizance shall have been entered into and received by the Speaker : Provided always, that the Time for entering into such Recognizance shall not be enlarged more than once, or for any Number of Days exceeding Thirty, nor the Name of any proposed Surety be more than once changed.
الصفحة 448 - ... or promotion to a benefice in a church, or by promotion to an office) and that such freehold estate has not been granted or made to you fraudulently, on purpose to qualify you to give your vote ; and that the place of your abode is at in and that you are twenty-one years of age as you believe ; and that you have not been polled before at this election.

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