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pay the immense load of debt which already presses upon me?"

Wo Aux bloow "God is merciful," replied Mr. Self-Confidences "I hope so," returned Goonah Purist: ffhis mercy is infinite; but my reason also tells me, that his justice is perfect, and that perfect justice cans not pardon sin." dolidw aids Ils "We have a Saviour," replied Mr. Self-Confi dence, "who will make up what may be wanting in us."

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"Oh, Sir,” replied Goonah Purist, "he must do all for me, or I am undone. Is he not the Son of God, and equal with God?"

"We know this," replied Mr. Self-Confidence, "that no man ever lived on earth so holy and riso pure a life as did Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be called the Son of God, because all virtuous and holy men deserve that name. All mankind would do well to follow his instructions and to copy his example: but if we should cease to exert ourselves, and rely only upon him for salvation, what an inlet would this be to all manner of sin, and to every kind of abomination!" Then added the gentleman, "I would advise thee to go home, and study the com. mandments of God, and strive to amend thy life, doing thy duty as a father and a husband, and in whatever relation it hath pleased God to place thee." OTT

Goonah Purist accordingly departed, and returned to his own house, taking the roll of the commandments with him. And during the few weeks of his abode there, I marked his conduct attentively, waiting impatiently, to observe what effect the study of the pure commandments of God would produce upon him; for I perceived that he frequently opened the roll, and meditated upon its contents.

But, behold, the terrors of the law, working pow. erfully upon his mind, affected him, as it were,

withray temporary insanity. For sometimes he would run out into the fields, and roll himself in thendust, crying out in an agony of mind: then, again, he would return home, and, yielding occasionally to the motions of sin within his members, would commit all kinds of vileness. And behold, all this while the leprosy in his flesh, and the burden upon his back, became more and more tormentingrson that I gave him up as one lost.

Once or twice, I saw that he applied again to persons calling themselves Christians, in the streets of the feringhees; who either roughly repulsed him, or treated him contemptuously. And once, having called at the house of a Christian gentleman, of whom he had heard a high character, his ears were assailed with the most angry and abusive language; which indeed proceeded from the master of the house himself, who was at that very time imprecating the vengeance of Almighty God upon one of his


JolThen thought Goonah Purist, "The Sheik Olislam asserted, that the prophet of the feringhees was a messenger of peace. Can this be true, when so fierce al spirit dwells among such as are said to be his faithful followers?" So being offended, he went out of the house. *

97 At that instant came these words into my mind, Through breaking the law thou dishonourest God; for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles, through you. (Rom. ii. 23, 24.) Blessed is that spirit by which the bruised reed is never broken, and the smoking flax is not quenched. (Matt. xii. 20.). Ad Now I felt great compassion for Goonah Purist, who withdrew to a solitary place, and, casting himself on the ground, cried out, "Lord, Lord, have mercy upon me, a miserable sinner!"

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Shewing how Goonah Purist was at length introduced to that new and living Way which leadeth unto the Kingdom.

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" And Jesus said, I will come and heal him. For I was wounded for his transgressions, I was bruised for his iniquities: the chastisement of his peace was upon me; and with my stripes he shall be healed." Malt. viii, 7. Isaiah liii, 5.

Now I saw that Goonah Purist continued to lie in the dust, crying out by reason of his sins; while one and another passed by without shewing him the least regard. His nearest neighbours and kinsfolk came out indeed to look upon him: but they rel turned mocking to their dwellings, saying that he was either full of wine, or, perchance, had lost his


Then I looked here and there for help for the poor man, not knowing from whence it could come. But the Lord had not forgotten him: for it came to pass, after he had lain awhile in this miserable con dition, crying continually, "The Lord have mercy upon me, the chief of sinners!" that one came up to him, and, plucking him by the garment, said, "Friend, what art thou doing here? arise, and hearken to me: I have joyful tidings to deliver unto thee, even tidings of great salvation to sinners."

On this, Goonah Purist looked up, and behold, it was a feringhee who addressed unto him these words of comfort; and the countenance of this person shone with gracious smiles, mixed with looks of tender love and pity. In one hand this stranger held a sacred book, on the outside of which were written these words, The Holy Bible; and the other hand was extended to the slave of sin, to raise him from the dust.

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Goonah Purist then said, "Who art thou, my Lord? and wherefore dost thou take an interest in the affairs of a wretch, vile as this thy slave? Am I thy son, that thou shouldst take pity on me? Rather leave me to perish in the dust; for I am not worthy of mercy. Moreover, thy fair complexion bespeaks thee to be a stranger.

Then answered the other, "Knowest thou not that God made the world, and all things therein; he made also of one blood all nations of men to dwell upon the face of the earth; and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation. (Acts xvii. 24, 26.) Therefore, although I come from a far country, even from a country on which the sun scarcely looketh; nevertheless, I am thy brother. I come hither with a message of peace. I am sent unto thee from my own land, with a token of love, even with an invi tation to enter into the covenant of Huzrut Esau Musseeh, who with us is called the Lord Jesus Christ. And I am one of those sent by my divine master, to gather together unto him from the streets and lanes of this city, the lame and the blind, the maimed and the afflicted. I have commission to seek that which was lost, and to bring again that which was driven away, to bind bup that which was broken, and strengthen that which was sick." (Ezek. xxxiv. 16.) uniba laivot 97 Á

The messenger then delivered his token, and

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behold, it was a letter of invitation, perfumed with myrrh, and within were written these words Come unto me, thou that labourest and art heavy laden, and I will give thee rest. Take my yoke upon thee, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and thou shalt find rest unto thy soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light (Matt.xi 2830,) Bion ad Iliw Now the tears came into the eyes of Goonah Purist, when he read these words of comfort, which sounded in his ears like a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice. (Ezek. xxxiii. 32.) Nevertheless, not being able to conceive how such a letter of invitation should be sent to one who knew himself to be so vile and abominable as he was; het answered, "You know not, Sir, how utterly filthy I am; how my past life hath been blackened and polluted by sin; and how, even now, from time to time, I fall into gross offences against the pure and holy law of God." un

yave moŃw mont Then replied the messenger, "Knowest thou nots that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin?b (1 John i. 7.) And saying thus, he lifted Goonah Purist from the dust. Then causing him to sit upon the grass, he placed himself by him, and they discoursed together freely. Hoop I&100

And first Goonah Purist opened the state of his mind to the Christian messenger-telling him, by what means he had been led to take thought for the welfare of his soul; to whom he had applied for instruction; and how, at length, he had been reduced to despair, perceiving no way opened for the remission of sins. "For," said he, “of this I am deeply convinced: that if the salvation of my soul is in any way to depend upon myself, it must assuredly fail; inasmuch as I feel that in me dwelleth no good thing. On this account, I have res mained for a length of time like a dove with its

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