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this consideration will have no inconsiderable influence on those who wish well to the Missionary cause, to induce them to subscribe for the Magazine, and to recommend a subscription to others.

But the editor is fully sensible that it is vain to expect, that any consideration whatever will prevail with the public to patronize a work which is not recommended by intrinsic merit. He is, therefore, determined that no effort nor expense shall be wanting, on his part, to make the Evangelical Intelligencer interesting from its own contents. With this view he has made arrangements for a supply of original materials, which he trusts his readers will find worthy of their attention, and in some measure calculated to command it. To this character, if he does not misjudge, the contents of the first number will not be wholly destitute of claim; and he hopes that what will follow will be still better calculated to ensure the public approbation. He most earnestly solicits, and will most thankfully receive, communications for the Magazine, from all persons capable of furnishing them. All such communications will be treated with the greatest respect and candour. At the same time, it should be fully understood, that every essay or article must be admitted or rejected solely on the ground of its own merit, without any regard to personal friendship or respect for the author. That this may be done with as little difficulty as possible, it is requested that all communications for the Magazine may be sent without the proper names of the writers. Whenever it is desired, a piece which is refused admission, shall be delivered to any person who shall be authorised to call for it.

As to the subjects which will occupy a place in the new series of this miscellany, they will be much the same with those announced in the first prospectus. It is intended, how-. ever, to give frequently a short review and character of those publications on Moral and Religious subjects which are popular or useful. This has hitherto been almost wholly neglected, and we are persuaded that scarcely any thing will be more acceptable to many of our readers.

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