A Manual of Roman Antiquities

الغلاف الأمامي
C. Griffin, 1870 - 514 من الصفحات

عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

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الصفحة 246 - Institutes were declared to be the legitimate system of civil jurisprudence ; they alone were admitted in the tribunals, and they alone were taught in the academies, of Rome, Constantinople, and Berytus.
الصفحة 232 - ... etiam nunc in tabulis censoriis pascua dicuntur omnia ex quibus populus reditus habet, quia diu hoc solum vectigal lüerat.
الصفحة 447 - ... tacentis vel summissim fabulantis provocabat, et aut acroamata et histriones aut etiam triviales ex circo ludios interponebat ac frequentius aretalogos.
الصفحة 472 - ... continuo in silvis magna vi flexa domatur in burim et curvi formam accipit ulmus aratri. 170 huic a stirpe pedes temo protentus in octo, binae aures, duplici aptantur dentalia dorso.
الصفحة 363 - Tage," which alike denote a space of seven days ; and the French " quinze jours," which stands for a fortnight. The form of expression was likewise remarkable. When an event took place on the Calends, Nones, or Ides, it was said to happen, Calendis — Nonis — Idibus lanuariis — Februariis, &c.
الصفحة 247 - Omne autem ius quo utimur vel ad personas pertinet, vel ad res, vel ad actiones.
الصفحة 367 - Fastus, after the sweepings and other filth have been carried out of the temple of Vesta and conveyed to the Tiber, a ceremony performed once a-year on the 15th of June, as we learn from Ovid and Varro; EN. Endotercisus; C. Comitialis. There is some difficulty in explaining the difference between the days which were NP and those which were EN. The Ides of each month were NP and most of the other days bearing this mark were sacred to different deities, while those marked EN. do not appear to have...
الصفحة 426 - Perfumes are mingled with the ashes. The urn is then carried to the tomb, and deposited in the niche prepared for it. All round the walls you see similar urns, each in its own niche, each inscribed with a simple memento, like the inscriptions on our tombstones. All...
الصفحة 369 - Kalo, the same with the Greek х«ла, because immediately after the appearance of the New Moon, the people were called together that they might be told on what day the Nones would fall. It must be observed that the New Moon in question was not the astronomical New Moon or period of conjunction, but the first appearance of the crescent in the evening twilight. Now, according to circumstances, the New Moon is sometimes visible on the evening after conjunction, sometimes not for two or three days....
الصفحة 375 - Censors originally held office for five years, and that the taxes were farmed out upon five years' leases, the interpretation of the above passage is not open to doubt. We may add, that wherever the word 'lustrum' occurs in the older writers, it is always in connection with the duties of the Censors. When we come down to the age of Ovid, a confusion seems to have arisen, and the meaning of 'lustrum' was no longer definite; in Amor.

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