A Collection of Theological Tracts

الغلاف الأمامي
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009 - 126 من الصفحات
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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: ';i., .: ' /, ', ': '..': . .'.';;. -this ' . -i .-..; O-f '. ' Christ i A N i T Y. I N!T R O D U C T I N. i ..ivi . . . .j ., -: jHE accufation that Celfus and Julian the grand adverfarics of the Chriftiaa religion, had the impudent confidence to faftcn upon it; namely, That it indulged! men in, and encourageth them to, the practice of immorality and wickednefs, is fo notorioufly falfe and groundlefs; that thefe is nothing truer, or more perfpicuoufly held forth in the books that contain Chriftianity, than that the perfectly contrary is the great defign of it. But yet notwithstanding, thofe that (hall heedfully obferve the lives and actions of an infinite number of Inch as call Chrift their matter, would be very (hrewdly tempted undoubtedly to conclude, that they fecretly think, what tnofc Heathens had the face to publilh. And as for (I fear 1 may fay) even moft of thofe profeflbrs of faith in Chrift, which have efcaped the fcandalaus and more grofi pollutiont of the world; that man that (hall take an exact furvey of their conver- fations alfo, and conflder what matters they moft huliu themfelves about, what the defigns are which they chiefly profecute, and that not only as men, but as Cbri/lians too; what things they are that cxercife moft of their zeal, and for and againft which is fpent the great eft part of their religious heat; will be ftrongly enclined to fufpect, that, though they have not entertained fo highly difhonourable an opinion of their Saviour, as to efteem him a patron of vice, yet they think fo underva- luingly of him, as to judge him fo mean a. friend to holinefs, as that ili'.- firofntiog it in metis hearts and lives, if it was at all a defign of U 4 hishis coming into the worW, and of the religionihe left b...

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