The North American Review, المجلد 77

الغلاف الأمامي
Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Henry Cabot Lodge
O. Everett, 1853
Vols. 227-230, no. 2 include: Stuff and nonsense, v. 5-6, no. 8, Jan. 1929-Aug. 1930.

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الصفحة 186 - Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me ; for Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Cresccns to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia ; only Luke is with me." Nor is it only in the substance, but even in the style of these writings that we recognize the man Paul of Tarsus. In the
الصفحة 396 - his Majesty allows Earl Temple to say that whoever voted for the India Bill was not only not his friend, but would be considered by him as an enemy; and if these words were not strong enough, Earl Temple might use whatever words he might deem stronger, and more to the purpose.
الصفحة 358 - No man's life shall be taken away, no man's honor or good name shall be stained, no man's person shall be arrested, restrained, banished, dismembered, nor any ways punished, no man shall be deprived of his wife or children, no man's goods or estate shall be taken away, nor any way
الصفحة 270 - Can you then consent to be the only sufferers by this revolution; and, retiring from the field, grow old in poverty, wretchedness and contempt ? Can you consent to wade through the vile mire of dependency, and owe the miserable remnant of that life to charity, which Las hitherto been spent in honor
الصفحة 410 - London. Michaelmas Term lately over, and the Lord Chancellor sitting in Lincoln's Inn Hall. Implacable November weather. As much mud in the streets, as if the waters had but newly retired from the face of the earth, and it would not be wonderful to meet a
الصفحة 404 - The latent tracts, the giddy heights explore, Of all who blindly creep or sightless soar; Eye Nature's walks, shoot Folly as it flies, And catch the manners living as they rise.
الصفحة 274 - To perpetuate, therefore, as well the remembrance of this vast event, as the mutual friendships that have been formed under the pressure of common danger, and in many instances cemented by the blood of the parties, the officers of the American Army do, hereby, in the most solemn manner, associate, constitute, and combine themselves into one SOCIETY OF
الصفحة 387 - that these United States cannot, with propriety, hold any conference or treaty with any commissioners on the part of Great Britain, unless they shall, as a preliminary thereto, either withdraw their fleets and armies, or else, in positive and express terms, acknowledge the independence of the said States.
الصفحة 340 - as a fit government, either for church or commonwealth. If the people be governors, who shall be governed ? As for monarchy and aristocracy, they are both of them clearly approved and directed in Scripture ; yet so

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