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L. Qr. 2nd .... 2.56 p.m.

F. Qr. 17th.... 4.39 p.m. N. M. 10th.... 3.38 p.m.

F. M. 24th .... 3.41 p.m. DEATH AND LIFE. (made alive, 1 Co. 15. 22. 1 F Pfander d., 1865. As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be 28 Death passed upon all, for that all have sinned, Ro. 5. 12.

[come that they might have life, Jo. 10. 10. 3 S Advent Sun, S. Crowther's 1st Sermon at S. Leone, 1843. I am

M. Is. 1. 1 Pet. 8. E. Is. 2, or 4. 2. Jo. 13. 1—21. 4 M Thro' death destroy him that had the power of death, Heb. 2. 14. 5 T Brought life and immortality to light, 2 Ti. 1. 10. 8 W Imad-ud-din ord., 1868. I set before thee life and death, Deu. 7 T Why will ye die · Ez. 18. 31.

[30. 15. 8 F Turn yourselves, and live ye, Ez. 18. 32.

[Ps. 27. 1. 9 s Bp. Stuart consec., 1877. The Lord is the strength of my life,

[ever, 1 Pet. 1. 23. 10 S 2nd in Advent. The word of God, which liveth and abideth for

M. ls. 5. 1 Jo. 3. 1-16. E. Is. 11. 1-11, or 24. Jo. 18. 1-28. 11 M S. Crowther baptized, 1825. Walk in newness of life, Ro. 6. 4. 12 T Passed from death unto life, Jo. 5. 24. (the death, Rev. 12.11. 13 W Supposed day Smith & O'Neill d., 1877. Loved not their lives unto 14 T There shall be no more death, Rev. 21.4. sare yours, 1Co. 3. 22. 15 F Bps. Russell, Horden, and Royston consec., 1872. Life or death, all 16 S Death is swallowed up in victory, 1 Co. 15. 54.

[thy sting? 1 Co. 15. 55. 17 S 3rd in Advent. Ember Wk. Welland d., 1879. O death, where is

M. Is. 25. Rev. 1. E. Is. 26, or 28. 5-19. Rev. 2. 1-18. 18 M Townsend vis. Abeokuta, 1813. Can these bones live? Ez. 37. 3. 19 T H. Edwardes inv. C.M.S. to Peshawar, 1853, Ye shall live, Ez. 20 W I prophesied...and they lived, Ez. 37. 10.

[37. 5. 21 T Bp. French consec., 1877. To live is Christ, Phil. 1. 21. 22 F 7. Chapman d. in N.2. on 62nd Anniv. of Miss., 1876. To die is 23 S He that hath the Son hath life, 1 Jo. 5. 12. (gain, Phil. 1. 21.

[eternal life, 1 Jo. 5. 11. 24 S 4th in Advent. Bp. Vidal d., 1854. God hath given unto us

M. Is. 30. 1-27. Rev. 14. E. Is. 32 or 33. 2-23. Rev. 15. 25 M Christmas Day, S. Marsden's 1st Serm. in N, Z., 1814. And this

[life is in His Son, 1 Jo. 5. 11. M. Is. 9.1-8. Lu. 2.1-15. E. Is. 7. 10-11. Tit. 3. 49. 26 T St. Stephen. The crown of lifewh.the Lord hath promised, Jas.1.12. 27 W St. John. We show unto you that eternal life, 1 Jo. 1. 2. 28 T Innocents Day. I give unto them eternal life, Jo. 10. 28. 29 F Whether we live, we live unto the Lord, Ro. 14. 8. 30 S Whether we die, we die unto the Lord, Ro. 14. 8.

[the Lord's, Ro. 14. 8. 31 S Sun, aft. Christmas. Whether we live, therefore, or die, we are

M. Is. 35. Rev. 91. 15. to 22. 6. E. Is. 38 or 40. Rev. 22. 6.

EPITOME OF MISSIONARY NEWS. The C.M.S. Committee have issued a Special Appeal for Men. University graduates are wanted immediately for the Principalship of Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone ; for St. John's College, Agra ; for the Noble High School, Masulipatam ; for the Cambridge Nicholson Institution, Travancore; for the Preparandi Institution at Jerusalem ; for the Ningpo College. Medical Missionaries are wanted for the Niger, Frere Town, the Nyanza Mission, Gaza, the Gônd Mission, and Bishop Burdon's New Mission in South China. "A good schoolmaster is urgently needed for Frere Town. Other men are wanted for Lagos, Calcutta, the Koi Mission, Sindh, &c.

The Committee propose to set apart Wednesday, Dec. 6th, for special suppli. cation that these needed labourers may be found; and they invite all their friends to unite with them in prayer on that day.

The Dean of Westminster has most kindly offered to have a collection for the C.M.S. at Westminster Abbey, on Sunday evening, Dec. 10th, 2nd Sunday in Advent, at 7 P.M., the Society appointing the preacher on the occasion. Bishop Burdon, of Victoria, Hong Kong, has consented to preach.

By the lamented death of Archdeacon Prest, of Durham, late Rector of Gateshead, the Society loses one of its most faithful and zealous friends in the North of England. By his influence and labours, combined with those of the late Bishop Baring, Canon Tristram, and other friends, the contributions to C.M.S. funds in the Diocese of Durham rose in twenty years to about three times their former amount,

We deeply regret to announce the death, on Oct. 23rd, of the Rev. Henry William Shackell, M.A., formerly C.M.S. Missionary in North India. Mr. Shackell took high honours at Cambridge. He was 10th Wrangler in 1857, 2nd Class Classics, 1st Class Theological Tripos, and Fellow of Pembroke College. He laboured with untiring energy for seventeen years in various parts of North India. The stations of Godda, in the Santâl country, and Aligarh, were established at his own private expense, and he contributed largely to several other Missions. He was a most humble-minded man, and was beloved by all who knew him.

Dr. George Johnson has retired from the office of Honorary Consulting Physician to the C.M.S. During twenty-six years he has given the Society his valuable time and medical skill without fee of any kind.

The Rev. Metcalfe Sunter, M.A., Principal of Fourah Bay College, has been appointed Government Inspector of Education for the West Coast of Africa, and is therefore obliged to retire from C.M.S. after twelve years' most assidu. ous and earnest labours in the cause of Christian education at Sierra Leone. He was prepared for the ministry at Islington College, and received the honorary degree of M.A. from Durham University at the time the affiliation of Fourah Bay College to that University was arranged.

Some corrections have to be made as regards previous announcements in the GLEANER of locations and movernents of Missionaries. The Rev. C. Harrison goes to the North Pacific instead of to the Gônd Mission. The Rev. G. H. Weber goes to his old field, North India, and not to Mauritius. The Rev. W. Latham is appointed to Lucknow instead of Calcutta. The Rev, R. Bateman is prevented by ill-health from returning to the Punjab this year, and the Rev. D. J. S. Hunt by his wife's health from going out at once to the Saskatchewan. Mr. E. Elliott will remain in England for another year. The Rev. A. J. A. Gollmer and Dr. G. Chalmers are not going out at all for the Society. The Rev. J. C. Hoare and Dr. B. Van S. Taylor, who came home lately from China, are returning to the field immediately.

On Oct. 17th, the Rev. E. Bickersteth, of the Cambridge Mission at Delhi, son of the Rev. E. H, Bickersteth, of Hampstead, had an interview with the C.M.S. Committee, and gave a very interesting account of his missionary work, as well as a review of the prospects of Christianity in North India, especially among Mohammedans.

On Sept. 10th, Bishop Royston ordained another Native clergyman for the C.M.S. Mission in Mauritius. His name is Samuel Sunger Singh. He is a Hindu born in the island, and knows the Hindi, French, and English languages.

Bishop Horden writes from Moose Factory on Aug. 28th. He had arrived safely via Canada, the last part of his journey being eighteen days' canoe travelling. The Rev. H. Nevett and Mr. J. Lofthouse had already arrived by the annual ship; and the latter was proceeding immediately with the Rev. E. J. Peck to the Eskimo Mission at Whale River. The Bishop confirmed 45 Indians on Aug. 27th.

The Bishop of Calcutta visited the Lucknow C.M.S. Mission on July 4th, and confirmed 22 Native Christians,

The Right Hon. M. E. Grant-Duff, Governor of Madras, visited Tinnevelly in September, and was received with due honour at the C.M.S. Mission at Palamcotta, Addresses were presented to him at the Sarah Tucker Institution and the Theological College, and also by the Native Christian community; and his replies were of a very frier.dly character.

Last month's GLEANER had gone to press before later news from Uganda reached the Society, on Oct. 19th. This news will be found at page 137 of our present number.

We desire to recommend to those of our readers who are Sunday. school teachers the CHRISTMAS LETTERS prepared by Miss E. S. Elliott, Author of Copsley Annals, &c., and formerly Editor of the C.M, Juvenile Instructor. Every teacher should send to each of his Sunday-scholars “A Christmas Letter for You.” Write for specimens to Messrs. Hazell, Watson & Viney, 6, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, E.C.

RECEIVED—Mrs. Corsbie, for the Egypt Special Fund, £10; Miss S. C. Edwards, for the Flenry Wright Steamer, 10s. 6d.; "A Nurse's Thank-offering," £1; "Pearl," another £20.

NOTICE.--Clergymen and other friends proposing to make arrangements for the ANNUAL GLEANER EXAMINATION are requested to communicate during this month with the Editorial Secretary. The Examination will be on Jan. 9th.

"HALF AS MUCH AGAIN.” T the recent Anniversary of the Norfolk and Norwich Auxiliary of the

C.M.S., the Sheriff of Norwich, Mr. J. J. Winter, made the following

suggestions about getting the “Half as Much Again":"There are 15,000 parishes in England and Wales, and in 10,000 of these not one penny is subscribed to the Church Missionary Society. Here is new ground to work upon. The average of collections after sermons in the 5,000 parishes is £4 118., so that if only half the unrepresented parishes were included, £20,000 a year would be the result. When a parish is well worked it is not only the sermons that benefit the Society, but the public meetings, collecting cards, missionary boses, and parish organisations, which double and treble the amount brought in by sermons. I will mention my own parish as an instance. Not long ago there were but five or six subscribers in the whole of Heigham, but now the district of St. Philip's alone gives £100 a year.

" An endeavour might also be made to bring before the public mind the very old principle-not commanded or absolutely incumbent on Christians, but nevertheless according to the will of God as expressed in the days of old-viz., that we should render, as far as practicable, the tithe or tenth part of our incomes to God's work and glory, set it apart as not our own, and what a sum total we should then have to give away! Last year the income-tax brought to the Government the sum of £10,650,000. Now this at 5d. in the £l represents an income of £511,200,000. The tenth part of this would be £51,120,000 to give away. How differently, then, could home and foreign Christian work be supported I and this calculation does not include incomes under £150 a year, otherwise the amount would be nearly doubled.

“ There is, lastly, perhaps the most simple plan, and one in the power of almost all to adopt, namely, to give half as much again as we have done before, both of our time and money.”

NOTICE. In the GLEANER of January will be commenced a Story of Christian Work, entitled, “OVER THE WATER,by Miss Evelyn R. Garratt, Author ofFree to Serve," " Lottie's Silver Burden,fc.

The GLEANER of 1883 will also contain a Series of Devotional Papers, by "A.M.V.," entitled " JERSEY BREEZES; Sketches of a Lady's Work at Fuh-chow, by Mrs. G. Fagg (Miss M, Foster), late Missionary there ; THE STORY OF THE NEW ZEALAND MISSION, by the Author of " The Good News in Africa,fc., fc.

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18, 19




Page West Africa :Page Baddegama Church

59 Christ Church, Lagos, built by the late Rev. J. A. Lamb...

View of Kandy

90, 91 Portrait of the late Rev, J. A. Lamb...........


East and Central Africa :-
The Henry Wright Memorial Steamer..
Mr. and Mrs. Ahok, Fuh-Chow

22 Uyui : Mission Caravan Starting

A Chinese Wedding....

.42, 43
Mission Camp at the First Stage beyond Uyui
95 Burning Paper to Appease the Spirits of Ancestors

58 Mr. Copplestone's House, built by himself

The Ven, Archdeacoa Arthur E. Moule, of Mid China.......

103 Egypt:

JAPAN, Egyptian Women drawing Water

6 A Blind Beggar

Japanese Ladies at Home......

7 Mosque at Cairo

The Rev. Arthur W. Poole, M.A., Bishop-Designate of the Church of

23 A House in Cairo

86 England in Japan

30 Egyptian Palm Grove

Mount Fusiyama, the Sacred Volcano of Japan

87 In a Moslem City : The Muezzin's Call to Prayer

67 Sucz: The Northern Port of the Red Sea....


131 By the Red Sea

Mount Egmont

10 Fortified Pa, Taranaki

11 PALESTINE. Maori Chiefs

11 Maori Pa

15 The Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Maori War Dance

31 A Bedouin of the Syrian Desert.......

Maori Woman

Maori Chief.....
Maori Carved Monument

47 Bagdad : Bridge of Boats over the Tigris 54 Wai Aniwaniwa (Water Rainbow) Fall, on the Kerikeri..

50 Market Place and Mosque of Ahmet-Khiaia... 55 Maori Council of War

51 Dr. Bruce's House at Julfa, Ispahan 98 Tattooed Face of a Maori Chief

62 The Boys' School, Julfa

Process of Tattooing

63 How Ladies travel in Persia ............... 99 A Maori Family and Hut at Waipahihi, Lake Taupo

138 The House built for himself by Tamahana te Raparashau....

139 INDIA, North India :

NORTH-WEST AMERICA. Nine Santâl Christians

26 Krishnagar Mission : A Bengali Village

The Sioux Chief “ Sitting Bull” 102

31 Our Indian Fellow-subjects : Eight Sketches Sioux Chief

35 126, 127 Sioux Squaw and Child.....

35 Punjab :

The Ven. Archdeacon Vincent, Diocese of Moosonec

82 A Mohammedan at Prayer 27 Bishop Horden's Cathedral, Moose, Hudson's Bay..

83 Kashmir : Dispensing Medicines during a Mission Tour Saskatchewan : The Cathedral, Prince Albert....

110 The City of Srinagar, and Moslems at Prayer.

Emmanuel College, Prince Albert...

The Mission School
The Ven. Archdeacon J. A. Mackay.

111 Medical Missionaries, Hospital Assistants and Patieats... 78 Blackfoot Indians crossing the Bow River

115 South India :

Red Indian Encampment

118 The Rev. Viravagu Vedhanayagam

Indian Woman of the Far West

119 Travancore Sketches

A Case for a Baby

119 Raghavapuram, April 9th, 1883 : The Procession

107 The Service 107

MISCELLANEOUS. Zion Church, Madras : Rev. W. T. Satthianadhan, Pastor ............ 122 Archbishop Tait at Exeter Hall, May 1st, 1877

3 Mrs. Satthianadhan and her Zenana Pupils.... 123 Portrait of Rev. Canon Tristram.....



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16 43 131

John Okenla, the Christian Balogun of Abeokuta
The New Bishop of Sierra Leone
The late Rev. J. A. Lamb. (With Portrait and Illustration)

Progress in East Africa
The "Henry Wright” Steamer. (With Illustration)
Uyni, Central Africa. (With three Illustrations)
The late Mrs. Cole, of Mpwapwa

What Egypt Wants. (With two Illustrations)
Pictures from Egypt. (With Illustration)

A House in Cairo. (With Illustration). The New Egypt Mission. (With Illustration)..... The Red Sea a Missionary Highway. (With two Illustrations)

56 71 94 123

6 22 31 37 134



Page The Story of the New Zealand Mission. By the Author of “The Good

News in Africa," &c. 9, 18, 31, 46, 49, 62, 77, 93, 104, 116, 124, 137 Episcopal Travelling in New Zealand

20 The late Mrs. Clarke, of New Zealand...

81 A Dying Maori Clergyman.....

137 NORTH-WEST AMERICA. A Mission to the Sioux Indians. (With three Illustrations)

35 Archdeacon Vincent, of Moose. (With Portrait and Illustration)

82 The Diocese of Saskatchewan. ( (With two Illustrations)

109 Archdeacon J. A. Mackay. (With Portrait)

111 Bishop Horden's Confirmations

111 The Gospel and the Red Indians. (With Illustrations)

114 MISCELLANEOUS. More Jersey Breezes. By A. M. V. ...1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 73, 85, 97, 109, 121, 133 Archbishop Tait and the Church Missionary Society. (With Illustration) “ The Good News in Africa”

4 A Missionary Keading Union

5 Over the Water. By Evelyn R. GarrattCHAP.

CHAP. I. An Uncomfortable Ques

VI. The Missionary Meeting... 64 tion 8 VII. Not her Best..........

76 II. What can he do?.. 16 VIII. Holding Back ...

88 III, Mrs. Lancaster's Day.

IX. The “Shadow of Death" 100 dream 28 X. “ Found Wanting”

112 IV. Waiting in the Twilight... 40 XI. Called....

128 V. A Broken Promise 52 XII. Good News

136 Missionary Sermons-Letter from the Rev. E. D. Stead

16 A Valedictory Dismissal in Australia

20 The Norwich Missionary Exhibition. By the Rev. F. S. Swindell

32 A Servant's Offering

39 The Camp at Margate

45 Another Servant's Offering

53 The Society's Anniversary

61 Canon Tristram. (With Portrait).

66 Islam and the Church Missionary Society

66 Six Shillings Turned into Six Pounds

69 How to Use Missionary Boxes....

83 Prize Day at the Children's Home

99 A Subscribing Cripple

113 The Old Green Missionary Box

113 A Child's Contribution Fifty-Six Years Old...

113 A Young Worker

130 Letters to the EditorPlants, &c., for Sale

..........4, 83, 101 Men's Working Parties...... A Working Man's Effort

41 Devonshire Mosses...... Circulation of the GLEANER..

53 A“ Waste-Not” Society

53 Men's Work...

59 A Missionary Reading Society

89 How I got " Half as much again

89 Thomas Scott's Parish—The Eightieth Anniversary.

89 A Girls' Working Party..

105 How to Increase the Society's Income

105 On the Notice Board.....

105 A Reason for a Larger Subscription

105 The Norfolk Ladies' C.M. Union

125 What can be done with the Blackberries ?...

134 Missionary Sermons in Advent

137 One of our Helpers

137 Gleaner Competitive Examination

..33, 60, 92 Missionary Almanack.............. ..1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97, 109, 121, 133 The Month

.12, 21, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 140

Our New Year's Prayer. By Eva Travers Poole

1 The Immortals. By Clara Thwaites.........................

16 " Half as much again.” By M.

25 A Farewell Word. By the Rev. E. H. Bickersteth

43 " Thy Will be done." By M. A. S.

57 The Missionary's Motto. By Eva Travers Poole

68 Moosonee. By Clara Thwaites From the Ends of the Earth. By M. B.

89 Below and Above. By Q.

105 The Runner. By Mrs. R. Clark...

113 “And thou mayest add thereto." By Clara Thwaites...

115 In Memoriam : James Abner Lamb. By M. B. W. Left at Home. By A. G............


Glimpses of Missionary Work in Palestine. Letters from the Rev. W.
Allan. (With Illustration)......

69 Work among the Bedouin. Letter from the Rev. W. Allan

106 PERSIA. The New Mission at Bagdad. (With two Illustrations)

54 The Bishop of Lahore in Persia. (With three Illustrations)

97 INDIA-NORTH AND WEST. Another Letter from Jubbulpore. From the Rev. T. R. Hodgson

20 Death of a Brahmin Christian in a Calcutta Hospital

21 Nine Santâl Christians. By the Rev. F. T. Cole. (With Illustration) 26 The Tale of a Convert. By A. L. O. E. (With Ilustration)

26 A Hindu Mother's Influence

64 The Kashmir Medical Mission. By the Rev. J. S. Doxey. (With three Illustrations)

73 A Grateful Fakir. Letter from the Rev. H. Lewis

87 Conversion of a Young Mohammedan

92 Something about Krishnagar. (With Illustration)

101 On the Afghan Frontier. Preaching under Difficulties. Letter from the Rev. T. J. L. Mayer

105 Lady Preachers at a Hindu Festival

113 Baijnath's Story. The Autobiography of a Young Santâl. Translated from the Original by the Rev. F. T. Cole...

117 Our Indian Fellow-Subjects. By the Rev. W. J. Ball. (With eight Illustrations),

126 Sequel to Baijnath's Story. By the Rev. F. T. Cole

129 The Gospel in Calcutta

130 INDIA SOUTH. Story of a Hindu Widow. Translated by the Rev. R. R. Meadows The Rev. Viravagu Vedhanayagam. (With Portrait)

39 The Priest of the Hunting God. By the Rev. W. J. Richards

41 Gospel Trophies-Old Asirvatham. Letter from Rev. S. Swamid:sen...... 53 Another Letter from Mrs. Cain

57 Letter to the Editor : Gospel Trophies

65 Sketches in Travancore. "By the Rev. W.J. Richards. (With page of Illustrations)..

78 An Incident from Tinnevelly. Letter from the Rev. E. G. Puncbard...... 81 A Bright Day at Raghavapuram. Letter from Mrs. Stone. (With two Illustrations)

106 The Native Church in Madras. (With two Illustrations)

121 How to Name Sunday-school Classes. From the Rev. J. Stone, of Raghavapuram

123 CEYLON. Gospel Trophies : Carolis Almeda, the “Old Stick-mun" of Talangama. By the Rev. R. T. Dowbiggin

45 A Missionary Meeting in Ceylon, Letter from the Rev. A. S. Amarasekara. (With Ulustration)

59 Conversions in Ceylon .....

65 Kandy. (With Illustration)

92 "I am not a Dog"

111 CHINA. Listen. True Stories from Fuh-Chow. By Mrs. Fagg 21, 44, 68, 68, 81 A Chinese Wedding. (With Illustration)

42 "Mr. Leaf.” Letter from the Rev. A. Elwin

80 Archdeacon A. E. Moule, of Mid China. (With Portrait)

103 JAPAN, The Gospel in Japan. (With Illustration):

18 The New Bishop for Japan. (With Portrait and Illustration)


.........5, 41

41, 134


........ 131 120


Lahore .......

...... 140





Pago Appointment of Rev. E. G. Ingham to the Bishopric of Sierra Leone ......

24 Ordination by Bp. Crowther at Sierra Leone ... 24 Degree of M.A. conferred on Rev. G. Nicol by Durham Univereity.........

24 Consecration of Bishop Ingham

36 Death of Rev. C. L. Reichardt

36 Departure of Bishop Ingham...

48 Bishop Ingham at Sierra Leone......

72 Reception of Governor Havelock by C.M.S. Committee.......

96 Visit of Bishop Ingham to Port Lokkoh......... 120 Rev. E. P. Sparks appointed to Sierra Leone Chaplaincy:

132 Ordination by the Bishop of Sierra Leone ...... 140

YORUBA. Ordination by Bishop Crowther at Lagos ........ 36 Establishment of the Lagos Church Missions... 48 Arrival of Rev. V. Faulkner from Yoruba....... 96 Death of Rev, J. A. Lamb.........

108 Appointment of Rev. T. Harding to Lagos..... 120 The late Rev. J. A. Lamb on Progress at Lagos........

132 EGYPT. Memorial to Lord Granville on Slave Trade ... 12 Arrival of Rev. F. A. Klein at Cairo................ 36 The Cholera at Cairo..........

120 NIGER. Encouraging Accounts from the Niger........ 12 The House of Lords and the Niger Trial....... 60 Reports of Archdeacons Crowther and Johnson 60 Archdeacon Crowther in England....

96 Departure of Rev. J. Hamilton and Dr. Percy Brown.............

96 EAST AFRICA. Launch of the Henry Wright..

48 Voyage of the Henry Wright ..........

..84, 96, 140 New Station in the Teita Country...

84 Reception of Archdeacon Farler by C.M.S. Committee

96 Departure of Rev. J. W. Handford

140 Arrival of the Henry Wright at Frere Town ... 140 Bishop Royston at Mombasa.....

140 NYANZA. Progress of Rev. J. Hannington's Party 12, 36, 48, News from Uganda ....... 48, 84, 140 Return Home of Rev. J. Hannington.......... 72, 84 Death of Mrs, J. T. Last, of Mamboia

72 Abandonment of Uganda by Romanist Missionaries.

84 Dr. E. J. Baxter in England.......

96 Mr.J. T. Last's Visit to the Masai...

96 Reported Death of King Mtesa.......

96 Nyanza Missionaries at the Dismissal........... 132 Death of Mrs. Cole .........

132 PALESTINE. Gift of £600 from Mrs. Wright for a Native Medical Missionary at Salt.

60 Encouraging Report of Rev. W. Allan

84 Baptism of Mohammedans......

140 PERSIA. Arrival of Rev. B. Maimon at Bagdad............ 48 Confirmation and Ordination by the Bishop of Lahore in Persia.........

96 NORTH INDIA. Ordination by the Bishop of Calcutta .

24 Decennial Statistics of Missions in India...... 21 Decennial Missionary Conference........... 36 Death of Jadu Bindu Ghose......

48 Boys' Boarding School at Calcutta.......

48 The Census of 1881

72 Death of Rev. C. H. Blumhardt...

84 Reception by the C.M.S. Committee of the Bishop of Calcutta.....

84 Appointment of Rev. G. Litchfield to the Bheel Mission.......


NORTH INDIA (continued). Page Progress among the Paharis..

96 Appointment of Rev. G. E. A. Pargiter to St. John's College, Agra.....

108 Annual Meeting of Bengal Church Council 108 Appointment of Rev. A. W. Cotton to Sindh... 120 Pahari Translations by Rev. E. Droese............ 120

PUNJAB AND SINDH. Death of Rev. Daud Singh ........

36 Opening of the Lahore College Chapel

60 Ordination of three Natives by the Bishop of

60 An Afghan Evangelist in Kafiristan........... 84 Dr. Downes's Kashmir Medical Mission

96 Annual Meeting of Punjab Church Council ... 96 Appointment of Miss Marion Gray to Alexandra School by the C.E.Z.M.S.

108 Appointment of Rev. T. Holden to Peshawar.. 120 Translation of Four Gospels into Kashmiri by Rev. T. R. Wade.........

120 Appointment of the Rev. A. G. Norman to Amritsar......

SOUTH INDIA. Death of Rev. S. Paramanandam......

12 Ordination of Rev. W. Kuruwila..........

12 Illness of Mrs. Hodges, of Masulipatam

48 Bishop Speechly and Rev. W. T. Satthianad. han Fellows of Madras University

60 Conversions among the Hill Arrians of Tra

60 Appointment of Rev. A. R. Cavalier to Tinnevelly....

72 Work of Mrs. Thomas in Tinnevelly.

72 Reception of Bishop Caldwell by the C.M.S. Committee...

96 Appointment of the Rev. E. W. Elliott to the

Rugby Fox Mastership at Masulipatam.... 108 Losses in the Telugu Mission....

108 Deaths of Rev. W. Johnson and Mrs. Sargent 108 Bishop Sargent's Appeal for Kadatchapuram Church...

103 The Revs, J. B. Panes and M. N. S. Atkinson appointed to Telugu Mission

120 Travancore Church Council

................... 132

CEYLON. Return of Rev. R. Dowbiggin to Ceylon......... 84 Return of Rev. D. Wood to Ceylon.........

MAURITIUS. Appointment of Rev. C. A. Blackburn......... 108

CHINA. Marriage of Rev. J. C. Hoare- £450 subscribed..........

21 The Rev. A. E. Moule appointed Archdeacon of Ningpo..........

48 Annual Conference at Fuh-Chow...,

48 Acceptance of Rev. W. L. Groves....

84 Progress in Fuh-Kien.....

84 Appointment of Rev. J. H. Horsburgh to Mid China.......

108 Appointment of Miss Gough to Fuh-Chow by the C.E.Z.M.S..

108 Appointment of Dr. E. G. Horder to Hainan... 120 Work of Mrs. Russell at Ningpo..............

120 Death of Mr. J. W. Strickson.........................

132 Ordination by Bishop Burdon

140 Riots at Canton

140 The Daily Telegraph on Bishop Moule

Appointment of the Rev. A. W. Poole to the
Bishopric of Japan.....

96 Conference of Protestant Missionaries at Osaka 120 Consecration of Bishop Poole............120, 132, 140 Departure of Bishop Poole..........

140 Appointment of Rev. J. B. Brandram to Nagasaki

140 NEW ZEALAND. Deaths of Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Spencer......... 48 Establishment of C.M.S. Mission Board.......... 84 Rev. G, Maunsell's Maori Translations ......... 108


Page The Rev. T. Vincent appointed Archdeacon of Moose.

60 Return of Rev. J. Hines to Saskatchewan 84 Departure of Rev. J. Tims to Saskatchewan ... 84 The Rev. J. A. Mackay appointed Archdeacon of Saskatchewan....

108 Bishop Horden's, Archdeacon Vincent's, and Mr. Sanders' Translations.....

NORTH PACIFIO. The Kwagutl Mission : First Converts

60 Confirmation by Bishop Ridley at Kincolith... 84 Appointment and Departure of Mr. J. B. McCullagh........

108 HOME, The Month....

12 Circulation of the GLEANER................... 12, 140 The Society's Publications....

12 Death of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 12 Missionary Exhibition at Norwich....

12 Archbishop Benson Vice-Patron of C.M.S....... 24 Deaths of Dean Close, the Earl of Harrowby, and the Bishop of Llandaff...

24 Special Prayer for Men........

24 The Revs. J. H. Horsburgh and V. Young accepted for Mission Work.....

24 "Half as much again” at Christ Church, Hampstead..

2+ Special Communion Service at St. Danstan's... 24 C.M.S. Lay-Workers' Union for London 24, 96, 132 Bishop Burdon at Westminster Abbey..

24 Deaths of A. Lang, Esq., Rev. c. Marshall, and Rev. J. Pratt...

36 The late Mrs. Stanton, of Halesworth............ 36 Earl Cairns at the Bournemouth Anniversary 36 Lord Northbrook at the Mitcheldever Anniversary.

36 Eastbourne Juvenile Association......

36 The Society's Anniversary..

...48, 60, 72 Day of Intercession for Foreign Missions Remittance from the Diocese of Toronto

48 Appeal for Gifts to the Children's Home........

48 Acceptance of Reva. C. T. Wilson and G.

Pargiter, Drs. P. Brown and Horder, Mr.

W. E. Oliphant, and Miss E. Young... 60 Deaths of George Loch, Esq., and Rev. F. Hildner..

60 New Vice-Presidents and Honorary Life Governors...

72 Ordination of Islington Students..

72 Another Letter by the Rev. E. H. Bickersteth 72 Deaths of the Rev. G. Lea, Rev. Dr. Harding, and Mr. J. Stack....

72 Dr. Westcott on the C.M.S. College...............

8+ Ordination of the Rev. W. G. Oliphant

81 Destinations of the Islington Men recently Ordained...

84 Return of Missionaries to England............. 84, 96 Presentation to C. M. College of Portrait of the Rev. W. H. Barlow....

84 Death of the Duke of Marlborough........ 96 Geographical Society's Meeting, June 25 96 Ladies' Church Missionary Union in Norfolk... 96 Valedictory Dismissal of Missionaries 108, 120, 132 Rev. A. H. Lash, appointed Secretary to the I.F.N.S and I.S.

108 Rev. W. Clayton appointed Association Secretary ..

108 Deaths of Canon Battersby, Professor Birks, Dean Boyd, and Dr. Moffat..

108 Absence of General Hutchinson

120 Deaths of Colonel Buckle and Rev. Sydney Gedge.......

120 Deaths of the Very Rev. J. Mee and Rev. A. Matchett......

132 The Frances Ridley Havergal Fund

132 The Christian Vernacular Education Society... 132 Death of Canon Clayton.........

140 The Luther Commemoration...

140 The GLEANER as a Localised Magazine

140 Acceptance of Revs. A. G. Norman and J, B. Brandram



60, 72



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