Pamela; or, Virtue rewarded

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C. Cooke, 1816 - 589 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 562 - But under whose care soever a child is , . put to be taught during the tender and flexible years of his life, this is certain, it should be one who thinks Latin and language the least. part of education...
الصفحة 563 - be begun with: for the learning of the figure of the ' globe, the situation and boundaries of the four parts of ' the world, and that of particular kingdoms and countries...
الصفحة 62 - are you afraid I should confederate with them to commit a robbery upon my master?' — ' M.<y-he I am,' said the odious wretch ; ' tor to rob him of yourself, would be the worst that could happen to him, in his opinion.'
الصفحة 563 - ... would in due time produce all the rest and which, if it be not got and settled so as to keep out ill and vicious habits, languages and sciences and all the other accomplishments of education will be to no purpose but to make the worse or more dangerous man.
الصفحة 502 - Lady hers? I told you, Sir, the Answer she made to her Uncle. You told me, my Dear, as you were told. Be tender of a Lady's Reputation - for your own sake. No one is exempted from Calumny; and even Words said, and the Occasion of saying them not known, may bear a very different Construction from what they would have done, had the Occasion been told.
الصفحة 25 - I mean one of the honestest things in the world, I have been in disguise, indeed, ever since my good lady your mother took me from my poor parents.
الصفحة 543 - I say not this that I would have children kept from the conveniences or pleasures of life that are not injurious to their health or virtue. On the contrary, I would have their lives made as pleasant and as agreeable to them as may be in a plentiful enjoyment of whatsoever might innocently delight them...
الصفحة 553 - ... species beneath them. Whether ill example, the advantage of fortune or their natural vanity inspire this haughtiness, it should be prevented or weeded out and a gentle, courteous, affable carriage towards the lower ranks of men placed in the room of it. No part of their superiority...
الصفحة 414 - COULD you ever have thought, my dear, that husbands have a dispensing power over their wives, which kings are not allowed over the laws ? I have this day had a smart debate with Mr: B , and I fear it will not be the only one upon this subject.
الصفحة 128 - O credulous, fluttering, throbbing mischief! that art so ready to believe what thou wishest: and I charge thee to keep better guard than thou hast lately done, and lead me not to follow too implicitly thy flattering and desirable impulses.

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