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ment, and the moft powerful incentive to an humble penitent, watchful, holy and heavenly life. Are we united to Chrift? Are we members of his body, of his flesh and of his bones. Surely then we must derive vital influences from such a fountain of fpiri. tual life ; and be partaker's of his holiness. If we find not this blessed effect in some good degree, in vain are our pretences' to an interest in Christ, or union-to him.Are we united to Christ, and there. by made partakers of his inestimable benefits? Surely then it concerns us to endeavour to live answer. able to so high a dignity, and such an honourable relation. Surely it concerns us to testify our gratitude to fuch an infinite Benefactor, by living to the praise of the glory of his grace and love. With what abhorrence therefore thould such licentious thoughts as you have suggested, be entertained by all the true disciples of the holy Jefus, as not fit to be so much as once named

saints ! If you can have patience with me, I would brief. ly offer one. argument more in favour of the doctrine I have insisted upon; which must recommend it as infinitely preferable in point of safety, to either of the contrary extremes.-By acting up to these principles of mine, you can be in no danger, as to the future and final event, since you will be built upon Christ Jesus the fure foundation of hope, and by grace derived from him, bring forth those fruits of holiness and righteousness, which must end in eternal life. If the Arininians are right; you also are right. For you have the same lincerity, the same good works, which any of them may have to depend upon for justification and salvation. And it can be no prejudice to your salvation, that you obtained thefe in a way of dependence upon Christ on. ly, as well as in a way of diligent activity - If the Antinomians are right, you also are right. For you



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depend only upon Christ for righteousness and strength, as well as they ; and it can nowise be injurious to you, that you have infifted upon the necessity of holiness, as the way leading to eternal life. But now, to turn the tables, if they who plead for justification by works are at last found in a mistake ; and instead of building upon Christ Jesus and the fovereign grace of God in him, are built upon the sand : Or if they who disclaim the neces. sity of holiness are too late found in a mistake, and forted among the workers of iniquity, what will become of their hopes? How dreadful will their dis. appointments be!

That you may be found united to Chrift, and may be built up in faith and holiness, with peace and comfort, unto God's heavenly kingdom, is the ear. neft delire and prayer of,

Sir, Your, &c.

LETTER XIX. Containing particular

Advices and Directions, for a close and coinfortable Walk with GOD.

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“ former letters, a religious life must be a
“ course of serious, earnest, and assiduous applica.
« tion.” And you have therefore good reason to
be “ solicitous in your inquiry, How you must give
“ diligence to make your calling and election sure ;
" and how you shall find that peace and pleasure I
• speak of, in your walk with God ?-But there is
“ no cause at all of any apprehension, that you shall
weary me out, with the continual burdensome
“ tasks you are imposing upon me."--Indeed, Sir,

you can no way gratify me more, than by putting it in my power to be any way serviceable to your best interest.I sincerely thank you, that you are now giving me the satisfaction of proposing “ some « directions for a close walk with God." It is an affair of the utmost consequence to myself, as well as to you; an affair too little considered, even by those of whom we must hope the better things that accompany salvation and an affair, in which I have cause with shame to confess, that my remiffness has turned to my unspeakable disadvantage.--Let us then, as in the presence of God, resolve, by the assistance of his Spirit and grace, not only to con. fult, but to practise such methods of piety, as may be likely means to sweeten the fatigues of life, pre. pare us to encounter the last enemy, and give us a refreshing prospect of our future inheritance.

I shall endeavour (according to your desire) to be plain, familiar, and practical, in the directions and counsels which I am now to lay

lay before you. And here iny advice to you is,


endeavour to obtain and maintain a deep impresion of this important truth, That you have but one business to do ; 'and that every affair and conduct of human life must be calculated for, and subservient to that one great end of your being. God has made us for himself, to glorify and enjoy him. We are but pilgrims and strangers upon earth; and have here no continuing city. There is another state before us, a state of our everlasting refidence, a state where we must be unspeakably and inconceivably happy or miserable, to all eternity. Our 'whole work therefore.is, to be pressing towards the mark for the prize of our high calling; to be looking to, and preparing for, another and better country, even an heavenly.This, I say, is our whole businefs'; and therefore not to be en.


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terprised as a secondary concern': not to be crowd. ed into a corner, to make room for more agreeable entertainments ; nor to be attended only at our vacant hours, when difincumbered from our worldly business, and sensual gratifications. ; To fear God and keep his commandments, is the whole of man. You will not so far misunderstand me, as to suppose, that I am inculcating the necessity of a recluse life, wholly taken up in devotion, wholly separated fronr the common business and society of the world. No! I am only recommending to you and to myself, a due sense, that we are under obligations, in point of duty and intereft, to serve God, and thereby to promote our eternal welfare, as welí at one time as another; and as much'in one bufi. ness of life, as another; -and as much in our fecular affairs, domestic concerns, company and di. versions, as in the special duties of religion and devotion. Though these call for the more folemn engagement of the whole foul in their performance, being immediately directed to God himself ; yet the other also are to be done in obedience to God, and with an eye to his glory. So that we have but one business; though we have a great many duties of various kinds belonging to it.

Resolve then, to engage in, and to endeavour to manage every affair of cominon-life, out of duty to God, with a spiritual frame of foul, and with a hearty defire therein to shew your self approved unto God.

Whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. - Consider is therefore, that you have the same God to deal with,

the same omniscient eye to observe and remember your thoughts, views, affections, frames, lan. guage and behaviour, while converfant in the common affairs of life, as when upon your knees in your closet, or family, or in the public worship



of God's house : And that the fame upright views; the same holy desires, the same faith in Christ, are necessary in the one, as in the other, if you would have them acceptable to God.--This consideration, duly inpressed, is the true philosopher's Stone, that turns all to gold. This will make every thing serve as a fresh gale to waft us: forward to our de. fired harbour.

2. Be solemnly careful to attend upon all the or. dinances of God, without any reserve. The duties and ordinances of religion belong to the way which God has appointed us to walk in, in order to our salvation ; and we must be found in his way, as we would expect his presence and blessing. Herein be therefore careful to have no referve. Let every duty, whether of the closet, the family, or public worship, be diligently and constantly maintained, each in its proper season. Live in the o. million of none of them; nor let any ordinary occurrence or excuse divert and put you by, when the proper season and opportunity calls for your attendance on them. You are under the same obligations at all times, as at any time, to perform duty; and to observe all duties, as to observe any. For they are all required by the fame autho. ricy; and to be perforined to the same object, and for the same end. He therefore who lives in the wilful neglect of any known duty, does thereby turn his back upon God and his falvation. Here. in then, the greatest care fhould be exercised, that we may prove (or know and do) what is the good, and perfect, and acceptable will of God concerning us.

You should also remember, that the duties of religious worship are to be performed to an omnisci. ent and heart searching God; a God who cannot be deceived, and will not be mocked; a God, who

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