The Glory of Joshua

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 2003 - 212 من الصفحات
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The Glory of Joshua presents a thunderous new revelation and doctrine infusing stagnant Christianity with a much needed and long lost viability. You may have learned that permanent indwelling of the Holy Ghost is a New Testament thing. That is not the entire truth. The Glory of Joshua proves that one man, Joshua the son of Nun, had received the indwelling of the Holy Ghost when he followed Moses to Mount Sinai. Secondly, The Glory of Joshua presents an entirely new doctrine not available anywhere else. The Doctrine of Biblical Cycle (DBC) is history at a glance. It helps to juxtapose the light of Joshua against the darkness of fallen Christianity. As Joshua's journey continues The Glory of Joshua turns into a platform for religious, social and political commentaries, laying the blame for worldwide immorality, at the door of Christianity that lost its saltiness. In the process of discovery The Glory of Joshua unearths historical evidence regarding false doctrines prevalent in mainstream Christianity. Offensive, controversial, educational and entertaining, The Glory of Joshua is a new powerful revelation masterfully woven into an exciting narrative verse.

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