The Lure of Divine Love Or Experiences and Their Lessons

الغلاف الأمامي
Kessinger Publishing, 01‏/05‏/2005 - 608 من الصفحات
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1929. Selected from a half century of practical Christian living, including many miracles of divine healing. Much of the contents of this work have been heart-to-heart talks, confidential counsel according to the Word, with burdened souls who have come to Sister Helm distressed with the perplexities of life; and letters written from her couch in the night watches which have been used of God for the encouragement of bewildered believers. Although encompassed about with infirmities, handicaps, seemingly insurmountable difficulties, and labors abundant, there has rested upon her the divine urge to write chapter by chapter, each containing an essential Scriptural truth illustrated from life for corroboration, as a help to understand personal experience, for reassurance, fortification and encouragement for those who may peruse these pages.

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