Nell Gwyn: Mistress to a King

الغلاف الأمامي
Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005 - 432 من الصفحات
Written by a direct descendant of the union between Nell Gwyn and King Charles II, "Nell Gwyn" tells the story of one of England's great folk heroines. Born during a tumultuous period in England's past, Nell Gwyn was spotted selling oranges in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Nell's wit and charm brought her to the attention of numerous suitors, including one of the theater's leading actors, Charles Hart. Under his patronage Nell took to the stage where she became one of London's first professional female actresses, and the finest comedienne in London. She then caught the eye of the pleasure-seeking "merry monarch" King Charles II, and their seventeen-year love affair played out against the backdrop of the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague, court scandals, and the constant threat of political revolution. Magnificently re-creating the heady, licentious, yet politically charged atmosphere of Restoration England, "Nell Gwyn" tells the true-life Cinderella story of a common orange girl who became England's first "people's princess."

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