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The newly released Book"BE LIFTED UP!" Is captivating and geared to embrace every reader's attention to the many details in life that are sometimes overlooked and of course sometimes not overlooked. The Author captures for her readers life's challenges and victories, questions and answers, and its liberties and captivities for both the saved and the unsaved. This Book will guide you to see life through the eyes of the beholder, God Himself! And you will soon discover be it through the Author's eyes or your own, there is nothing new under the sun, it just has different partners. The Author's focus is to challenge people all over the world to gain victory in life through our God given ability to see life not as "we do," but in the way that God does. Quote from Author: "A Natural leader will always stand out from the crowd; they do not allow themselves to be locked into the "Status quo," the "Norm." Natural leaders are constantly striving for perfection.

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