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The muce,is the gift of his
Grace James Duke of
-Hamiltor a. D. 1703

and let it out to the best of your power. All these points and articles you shall well and truly keep, according to the laws of the realm, and of this town, to your power. So help you God, and by the contents of this book.”

The Solemnization of the Guild. On the Monday after the decollation of St. John the Baptist, at eight o'clock in the morning, all the different fraternities of the various trades in the borough, with their respective wardens, in their gowns, and having long white staves, each company walking two abreast, with their flags unfurled, and bands of music preceding them, march regularly to the Moot-hall, and place themselves according to previous orders given, and wait for the guild mayor and his company. The young gentlemen of the town and others, who as yet are not free to the franchises of the town, have a captain of their own, walking two abreast preceded by the town's flag, having the arms of the town emblazoned thereon, together with music and drums ; after which the great banner, containing the royal arms of England painted thereon, followed by the mayor's pensioners or guard, with other partizans, and the halberdmen, the sergeant with his halberd, the two sergeants with their maces, and the large mace, carried by some person

of respectability appertaining to their body, the two bailiffs, with their white wands, and the aldermen, in their robes, and after them the guild mayor, with his staff of authority, attended on each side, and after him in pairs, by the nobility and gentry belonging the town and neighbourhood.

The Procession.

66 That our

The mayor proceeds from his residence, attended by ladies and gentlemen, to the Mootor Guild-hall, and from thence walks in due procession, attended by twelve aldermen and the common-councilmen, together with the rest of the corporation officers, all attired in their robes of office, to the ancient cross or obelisk, in the Marketplace, where proclamation is made, saying ancient guild merchant is now opened according to the charter given us, of which we shall duly observe every ordinance therein contained, according to the obvious meaning thereof,” concluding with

16 God gracious Sovereign." The guild merchant being duly opened and solemnized, the bells of the Parish church begin to ring a merry peal, assisted by the sounds of trumpets and other martial music. All the soldiers and guards, together with the various companies, are placed



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