Sex, Lies and Soul Ties: Book One, Who Is Going to Love Me for Me?

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 10‏/08‏/2007
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EXERPTS FROM SEX, LIES, AND SOUL TIES the path that leads to finding true love begins with understanding the soul of man that is in the mirror: that man is "you". Why? Because each encounter, every situation you face in life you must confront it with the emotional state of your soul, and the state or condition of your soul always reflect your experiences in past and present relationships. You are a social creature by design. Therefore, you are molded by every encounter you have with another human being. Love is the most holy place for life. It is a place where there are no shields, no guards, and no weapons because it is a place designated for the nurturing of spirit, soul and mind. to allow someone entrance and residence in this most holy place and to have them abuse it is devastating on the life within. LOVE IS SACRED LOVE IS THE MOST HOLY PLACE IN HEAVEN AS WELL AS IN EARTH Because love is the most holy place, when it is injured, the soul seeks to protect it, and Satan initiates hate to be the protecting shield. Secret hate is a very real issue in the House of God.

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