Periodical Accounts Relating to the Missions of the Church of the United Brethren Established Among the Heathen, المجلد 4

الغلاف الأمامي
Brethen's Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel, 1806

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الصفحة 110 - For God speaketh once, yea twice, Yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed ; Then he openeth the ears of men, And sealeth their instruction, That he may withdraw man from his purpose, And hide pride from man.
الصفحة 305 - ... there is no other name given under heaven, among men, whereby we can be saved...
الصفحة 105 - Lord had shewn in their own conversion, and to preach Jesus to them as the only Saviour, who alone could make them happy both here and hereafter ; and now, on perceiving that they were to be inhabitants of the place, they hardly knew how to contain themselves for joy. Young and old ran to help them with their baggage, and to settle their little affairs. It happened also, that...
الصفحة 412 - But if they get nothing, they repair to the female rock, of which they pretend, that it is inhabited by a malicious spirit, and beat it well, upbraiding it, saying : '-Why do you, ' by your hidden arms, cause all the game to be shot dead, so
الصفحة 105 - As soon as it was known, that some heathen had obtained leave to stay, there arose among our Esquimaux such a spirit of joy and gladness, that it was truly affecting to witness it. Since their arrival here, our people had not failed to speak of the mercy...
الصفحة 431 - are, theo the fruits of your faith will be seen, and as to ( 441 ) " will become of you, you will be reconciled to God, and " through the merits of Jesus, be delivered from the power of " sin and Satan. You will know God as your gracious " Friend and Father, and that you are a pardoned sinner. Then " as to what will be done with you, you will be numbered " with God's people, and every good gift will be imparted
الصفحة 110 - GOD speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, that He may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man.
الصفحة 106 - ... converted, went immediately, took it down, and set it up in the midst of their own dwellings. The new comers were quite humbled and amazed by such proofs of love and attention on the part of their christian countrymen, and declared, that for the first time in their lives they had found people, who loved them with disinterested sincerity...
الصفحة 252 - Kohlmeister visited her very faithfully, encouraging her to look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and on one occasion particularly, offered up a most fervent prayer to the Lord, that He would remove all her doubts by a full assurance, that her sins were forgiven through the merits of His precious blood : during which the poor patient, and all present melted into tears, and felt that their prayer was heard and answered. She wished afterwards to speak with her teacher, and confessed...

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