A Journey Worth Taking

الغلاف الأمامي
Tate Publishing, 2006 - 96 من الصفحات
Where are you on this road called Life? Are you looking for peace in the midst of turmoil? Are you facing a difficult situation or circumstance, or standing at the crossroads trying to decide which way to go? Maybe you are waiting for your change to come, or waiting for a way to be made. Ozell Dunlap's A Journey Worth Taking is about that journey; it is about the ups and downs, the detours and all the things we go through every day of our lives. It will show you where and how to find the real peace, real happiness, and joy unspeakable. It also answers the questions, How do you keep going in life, and why should you want to. Come and join Ozell Dunlap as she uses the word of God to take you on the journey of your life. Let Him direct you through your valleys and lead you through your storms, by showing you that life can be exciting and sometimes fearful, but no matter what you go through, it's A Journey Worth Taking.

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The Hill of Difficulty
The Pathway of Pain
The City of Refuge
Detours Ahead
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