History of England from the accession of James i. to the outbreak of the Civil war, المجلد 9

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الصفحة 392 - Aaron's old wardrobe, or the flamins vestry : then was the priest set to con his motions and his postures, his liturgies and his lurries, till the soul by this means of overbodying herself, given up justly to fleshly delights, bated her wing apace downward : and finding the ease she had from her visible and sensuous colleague, the body, in performance of religious duties, her pinions now broken, and flagging, shifted off from herself the labour of high soaring any more, forgot her heavenly flight,...
الصفحة 354 - It ran as follows :I, AB, do in the presence of Almighty God, promise, vow and protest to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I may, with my Life, Power and Estate the true Reformed Protestant Religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England...
الصفحة 28 - Add. MSS. 28,566, fol. 23 b. In the edition of Nares' Glossary •by Halliwell and Wright, ' bases ' is explained as ' a kind of embroidered mantle which hung down from the middle to about the knees or lower, worn by knights on horseback.
الصفحة 368 - Put not your trust in princes, nor in the sons of men, for in them there is no salvation."*** He was soon able, however, to collect his courage; and he prepared himself to suffer the fatal sentence.
الصفحة 334 - ... law which he would have subverted ; neither will this be a new way of blood. There are marks enough to trace this law to the very original of this kingdom ; and if it hath not been put in execution, as he allegeth, this 240 years, it was not for want of law, but that all time hath not bred a man bold enough to commit such crimes as these...
الصفحة 238 - It is a nest of wasps, or swarm of vermin which have overcrept the land. I mean the Monopolies and Pollers of the people : these, like the Frogs of Egypt, have gotten possession of our dwellings, and we have scarce a room free from them. They sup in our cup.
الصفحة 240 - In the first article it was declared that he had " traitorously endeavoured to subvert the fundamental laws and government of the realms of England and Ireland, and instead thereof to introduce an arbitrary and tyrannical government against law...
الصفحة 369 - I dare look death -in the face, and I hope the people too. Have you a care that I do not escape, and I care not how I die, whether by the hand of the executioner or the madness and fury of the people. If that may give them contentmen% it is all one to me.
الصفحة 145 - The most high and sacred Order of Kings is of Divine Right, being the ordinance of God himself, founded in the prime laws of nature, and clearly established by express texts both of the Old and New Testaments.

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