The Work of Poetry

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Columbia University Press, 1997 - 318 من الصفحات
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New and classic essays by one of America's most distinguished contemporary poet-critics, The Work of Poetry surveys an extraordinary range of poets, from Dante to May Swenson, and George Meredith to Marianne Moore, as well as works from the Psalms to A Child's Garden of Verses. By turns generous and uncompromising, Hollander champions the enduring force of poetry against the incursion of fashionable writing. This is an elegant, uncompromising affirmation of the extraordinary powers of poetic imagination from a poet whose poems have been hailed by J.D. McClatchy as "ways of thinking on paper."

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Cautionary words about poetry from an idiosyncratic and surprising critic and poet. Hollander, usually regarded as a conservative observer of things poetic, both lives up to his reputation and defies ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

The work of poetry

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Hollander (English, Yale), a recipient of the Bollingen Prize in 1983 and a five-year MacArthur Fellowship, has written a treatise on poetry that would never be considered easy reading. Of course ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


One The Work of Poetry 3
Three A Poetry of Restitution 39
Four What You Mean by Home 64
Five Dreaming Poetry 78
The Poetics of a Preposition 96
Seven Hearing and Overhearing the Psalms 113
Eight On A Childs Garden of Verses 129
Carrolls Quest Romance 200
A Late Appreciation 235
Robert Penn
Twentyone Elizabeth Bishops Mappings of Life 280
Some Remarks

Ten Discovering Wallace Stevens 152
Eleven O Heavy Verse The Shopwork of the Workshops 160
Twelve Whitmans Difficult Availability 177

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نبذة عن المؤلف (1997)

John Hollander has edited several Everyman's Library Pocket Poet volumes, including "Robert Frost", "Christmas Poems", "War Poems", "Marriage Poems", "Animal Poems", & "Garden Poems". He is the A. Bartlett Biamatti Professor of English at Yale University, & the author of numerous books of poetry & criticism. He was made a MacArthur Fellow in 1990.

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