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4. What

Provisions of Victuals put on shoare at theire first landing.
The Provision of cloths. 3. The Stores of War.
Cask was put on shoare, y' ye rest may be accounted for by M'
Braine. 5. The Fishing Trade. 6. The Indian Trade.

7. $26. 5' 6", ye remainder of £61 p M' West by M' Portman upon my L" Ashley's order, woh £26 5*6' M' West never accounted for. 8. The Cargo from Virginia. 9. The Provisions received from Bermudos. 10. The Lords Prop" finde y' M' West and M Brayne at theire being at Bermudas, drue upon M Colleton two six thousands pounds of Sugars & since y' 12,000 pounds more of sugar hath been drawne upon M Colleton. Wee desire to know what this 24,000 pounds of sugar was layd out in, and how ye effects disposed of. 11. The Beefe & Flower sent by M' Colleton.

3. At your comeing alsoe to Ashly River, you are to deliver ye cargo to M' West and take his receite for all ye particulars thereof.

4. If you have anytime dureing ye Ships loadeing at Ashley River, ye are to take a view of ye Countrey, especially of ye River Ashley & thereon to seeke for a healthy highland, convenient to set out a Towne on as high up as a Ship can well be carried, and of this to bringe up a particular exact Description, ye same thing you (if you have time,) are to doe in Wando River, and alsoe Sewa River.

5. You are to informe y'selfe alsoe dureing ye stay you shall at any time make in Carolina, concerning ye healthynesse, richnesse & other Propertys of ye soyle, ye usefull Productions of ye Countrey, & enquire w' masts ye Countrey products, of w' Diameter ye largest, and whether ye great ones grow near ye sides of any Rivers by wch they may by water be brought to the ship, & to bring Samples of Casini' and theire dying Stuffes, &c.

6. As soone as ye ship is loaden you are to goe with her to Berbados, & there touch at Augustins & enquire of ye health of y' Island, & if you find you may safely trade there you are to sayle to ye bridge Towne, & there dispose of ye Timber, &c. on board ye best you can for our advantage, selling it if

'The famous Cassiny, whose admirable and incomparable virtues are extolled by the French and Spanish writers, Car. 2, page 70. Austin's bay and St. Michael's town, Barbadoes.

possible you can for ready nioney, if you cannot you are to consult with M' J" Strode, & take all other ways you can to informe yourselfe w' persons you may trust.

7. If you have trade at Berbados, you are to consult with Sir Jn° Yeamans & M' Tho: Colleton of ye best course you can take to get a quicke fraught of Passengers for River Ashley (ye carrying of Passengers being ye maine end of our sending out this Ship,) and you are to lay out ye produce of ye Cargo of Timber, &c, & what you shall get for fraught of Passengers, &c in Rum and Sugar and other goods fit to make a Cargo for ye trade of Virginia.

8. At Berbados you are to enquire and bring us an acc' w' those Bills charged upon us by M' Colleton were for.

9. As soon as you have gotten your loading of Passengers you are to sayle to River Ashley againe, and as soon as ye Ship is there delivered you are to sayle to Virginia and there lay out ye produce of y' Rum & Sugar in Cattle, we you are to transport to Ashley River, and these deliver to M' West, ye remainder of y' Cargo you are to lay out in Provisions, &c, fit for ye market of Berbados, if there be not any need of them in Carolina.

10. Dureing your stay in Virginia you are to state ye acces between us & M Godwin & M Bennet, concerning w.ch you must remember. I" That they gave us noe acc' at all w' our Cargo' yielded weh came into theire hands, as appears by their letters, & whereof you have an Invoye was sold for there.

2' M Bennet states his acc' to us in money, whereas ye Scale of Commerce in that Countrey being Tobacco, we have reason by ye prices wee finde sett downe in his acc' to thinke he recond all those things too dear, wch, 34 Wee have more reason to suspect because he hath not as M' Godwin has set downe in his acc' ye Persons from whom he bought those things wee had of him. Concerning all these acc* of Virginia, ye rates of ye things therein mentioned, & ye way how wee may have right done us you are to apply y'selfe to S' William Berkley & S’ Henry Chichley & M' Applewaight, and to informe yourselfe by any ways y' you can.

11. God sending you safe to River Ashley you are to say le to



See pages 152, 163, 177, 178, 326. Sir W. Berkeley, Gov. Virg


Berbados with another Cargo of Timber, &c, ye produce whereof you are to invest in a Cargo fit for ye Bahamas, and if Passengers doe present, to sayle from thence to Ashley River, and from Ashley River to New Providence, and there to deliver ye Boxes and Letters sent by you, & ye 4. Sakers with theire Carriages, & ye shot belonging to them, and ye 2 Barrells of Powder to ye Governor there, for ye use of ye Island, and make use of his assistance for ye sale of ye rum and Sugar for ye procureing you a loading of Brasiletto wood, and w' else is to be had there fit ye

Market of England, with wch, if ye ship be full you are to come directly for London, if shee be not, you are to touch againe at River Ashley, and fill her with ye best Stocks of Cedar you can finde, & from thence to sayle for London.

12. If you shall judge it unsafe to trade at Barbados by reason of any infectiouse disease there, you are then with as much safety as you can to deliver ye Timber to M' J" Strode, & haveing gotten on board things necessary to load salt, you are to sayle to the Salt Tortugos, and there load your Ship with Salt, & sayle with her to Virginia, & from thence, as above directed.

13. In all ye trips you shall make to any place in ye West Indies, yo" are still to remember y' ye cheife imploym', wee send our ship for is to carry people to our Plantacon at Ashley River, web designe you are mainly to intend and to minde


other businesse of Traffique but as it may be in subserviency to y', and in concurrence therewh, may helpe to beare ye charges of our Ship whilst shee is abroade.

14. In all ye places you goe, you are to learne as much as you can any of ye husbandry of Manufactures of ye place, wch may be usefull to our people in Carolina, as particularly in Virginia ye sorts & ordering of mulberry trees, silkworms & all belonging to ye right way of makeing ye best Silk, Tobacco, Indigo, Cotton &c., & this to communicate to our people at Ashley River, & particularly you are to carry from Virginia some of ye best sort of mulberry trees for Silkworms & plant them there.

15. You are to consult with ye Governor & Councel at Ashley River about ye best way of disposeing of our Stores, and our being repayd by ye People for w' wee trust them with, and to informe them y' as wee aime at theire thriveing, and to that end have been soe much out of purse, soe wee expect from them

faire and punctuall dealeing in repaying us for what wee let them have, upon wch faire dealing of theires will depend ye continuation of our Supplys. 16. If you shall by any accident at any time before


second voyage to Berbadoes touch at Bermudos, you are there to leave with M" Juo Dorrell sen', ye Duplicates of our Dispatches' to New Providence, to be sent forwards thither by ye first opertunity.

17. If dureing y' being abroad you shall finde y' a Trip to any other place, or in any other order than w' wee have here directed shall better serve to ye Lords Prop" designes of carrying people and turne to better account; Wee then leave it to your prudence, still keeping in your eye our mayne designe as in Article ye 13, onely wee would not have you at all goe to Jamaica upon any pretense.

18. You are to take an account of ye ships stores & ye expences thereof, from time to time dureing ye whole voyage.'

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Whitehall, May 1°, 1671.

[Col. Ent. Book, 20, p. 68.] Rivers S. C., p. 359.

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1 May, 1671. To the Governor and Council of Ashley River,

1. You are within thirty days after receit hereof to summon ye Freeholders of ye Plantation, & require them in our names to elect 20 persons who, togeather with our Deputys as our Rep

L'd Ashley to Hugh Wentworth, Gov'r of Bahama islands, April 12, 1671. He will receive with this the King's Patent for Providence and the rest of the Bahamas, &c., of which he has procured a Commission for him to be Governor, will readily do anything for him 'for the beginning of this and putting of it into my hands' &c. Intends that he and his posterity shall reap the benefit of having led a colony of English there. Nor shall he be unmindful of Mr. Dorrell who has a good share, &c., and has laid out money in transporting people thither. (S. P., No. 55.) A. & WV. I., 2498. See page 161.

? This 18th article and the Prop'rs signatures are in Locke's hand.


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resentatives,' for ye present are to be your Parliam', by and with whose consent, or ye major part of them, you are to make such Laws as you shall finde necessary wch Acts shall be in force as in y' case is provided in our Fundamentall Constitutions & Temporary Laws.

2. After ye same maner till our Fundamentall Constitut' can be put in practice yo" are to call a Parliam' ye first Monday in Novemb' every two years, and as often besides as ye state of our affaires in of Plantat" shall require.

3. You are to require ye Parliam' to choose five men whom they thinke fittest to be joyned with our five Deputys, who with ye five eldest men of the Nobility are to be your Grand Councell.

7. When ye place for ye Town is chosen &c ye Surveyor shall lay out streets according to ye model herewith sent as near as ye particular scituation of ye place will admit &c.

13. You are alsoe to send us a Description of River Ashley & Wando River, drawne by a Compasse and Scale, and a map of ye Country divided into Squares of 12,000 Acres apiece by lines runeing East & West, North & South.

14. If any people shall, with armes invade you and with Acts of Hostility molest you in your Plantacon, you are to defend yourselves against them and doe for your preservation and future Security what y" shall finde requisite, but * * *

19. You are to take notice y' wee have made M' James Carteret, S' J1° Yeamans and M J"" Locke, Landgraves, and you are accordingly to set them out theire Barronys according to our Fundamentall Constitucons and Temporary Lawes whenever they or either of them &c. shall require &c.

20. In ye granting and seting out every mans Lot you are to reserve convenient high ways from ye Colony Towne to ye Plantations y' shall be beyond it, and from one Colony Towne to another.



P. COLLETON, White Hall, 1" May, 1671.

1 The Governor represented Duke Albe arle, Palatine, 5 deputies: Lords Craven, Berkeley & Ashley, Sirs G. Carteret & P. Colleton, the Prop’rs residing in England and 5 Commoners, the people.

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