Orb of Day: A Treatise on Spiritual Philosophy and Intellectual Astronomy 1883

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Kessinger Publishing, 01‏/08‏/2003 - 204 من الصفحات
1883. This volume is a celestial bible of spiritual science against the world. The inspired author felt a pressing demand for the circulation of a scientific work, treating wholly on spiritual philosophy and intellectual astronomy - that branch of visionary education revealing the true condition and relation of all spiritual and intellectual phenomena contained in the various circles of thought comprising the circuit of the mind. It is the mission of this book to throw light of understanding on the Word of God sufficient to enable each and every Bible student to divide the word of truth perfectly, interpret each of the several parts correctly, and arrange and classify each type of intelligence and character in its proper degree of comparison in the scale of principle, according to the immutable law of comparison. Illustrated.

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J.C. Watts, Jr., is a dynamic preacher, congressman, and father of six. Currently serving his fourth and final congressional term, he is the Republican Conference chairman.

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