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I wish we could have one station in Japan so thoroughly worked by an

EPITOME OF MISSIONARY NEWS. adequate staff as to present a strong

front to the heathen world, to the inquiring world, and to the infant Church. We know that Truth is The movement among the heathen in those parts of Tinnevelly, worked strength, whether represented by one or many, but the heathen and by the S.P.G., which has led so many thousands to place themselves under inquiring world, and some of the Native Christians, cannot be supposed Christian instruction, has now, we ejoice to say, spread to the C.M.S. to have the same spiritual discernment that more enlightened people have, districts. Some hundreds have already been received by Bishop Sargent and are in danger of judging unfavourably of our own true Church, and and his Native clergy in each of three or four districts. In the Paneivilei joining an unscriptural one-the Church of Rome.

district alone, 419 families in 26 villages, comprising some 1,500 persons, Compare our own Mission at Nagasaki with the Romish Mission here have come over. during the last ten years. Mr. Ensor comes, gets the language, leaves ; We announce, with deep regret, the death of the Rev. David Fenn, then Mr. Burnside gets the language, leaves; then I come single-handed, Secretary to the Madras Corresponding Committee of the C.M.S.' He. and by this time can preach, &o. During all this time the Romanists went out to India in 1852, and joined the Itinerant Mission in North bave had their continuous seven or eight priests and a bishop. I do wish Tinnevelly, then just planned by Ragland. In 1868 he started a similar our staff were more like theirs-in one and the same Mission some to Mission in the environs of Madras. For the past seven years he has been train, some to itinerate, some to translate.

Secretary at Madras, and his death is a severe loss to the missionary cause The Bishop has quite approved of a desire of mine to put up as soon as in South India. He was son of the Rev. Joseph Fenn, whose death was possible a substantial church at Deshima, one worthy of our cause. recorded in the GLEANER of March last, and brother of one of the The present one is in danger of coming down at the first typhoon. It Secretaries of the Parent Society. is only a barn-like building, and the sooner we can get a better one the We have also to report the deaths of the Rev. J. P. Mengé, a retired better for our Mission. Human nature will be human nature, and the C.M.S. missionary, who laboured in North India thirty years, from 1840 Japanese are much more fastidious than the natives of some mission to 1870; the Rev. G. T. M. Grime, a young missionary, who had just fields. As the Romanists are going to build here a Cathedral, the least returned home after five years' service in North India ; and Mrs. Sharkey, I can wish to do is to put up a good church, especially when I have such widow of the well-known missionary in the Telugu country, after thirtya capital site as Deshima. If you know of any one willing to give, please one years' most valuable work at Masulipatam. say that anything between £5 and £5,000 will be most thankfully The Archbishop of Canterbury has conferred the degree of D.D. on the received. Could you secure one or more friends to collect for me? Rev. S. Dyson, Principal of the Cathedral Mission College, Calcutta, and

The work is very promising in Japan—now is our opportunity. It is the degree of B.D. on the Rev. A. E. Moule, of Hang-Chow, in recognot too late for the Church of England to take a place worthy of her in nition of their eminent services as missionaries of the C.M.S., and parJapan,

but with strong Romish Missions everywhere there is no time to ticularly of their literary labours. lose. We must do all we can to claim for our Reformed and Apostolic At the Archbishop of Canterbury's ordination on September 22nd, the Church a status worthy of her, and it behoves us to do this without Revs. W. Andrews, B.A., Arthur Lewis, B.A., and I. J. Pickford, C.M.S. delay. If I did not feel this so strongly I would gladly leave the material missionaries for Japan, the Punjab, and Ceylon, respectively, were buildings to others.

admitted to priest's orders.

Mr. B. Van Someren Taylor, M.B., Edinburgh, has been accepted by MR. SATTIANADHAN'S FAREWELL.

the Committee as a Medical Missionary, and designated to Fuh-Chow.

The Rev. W. T. Pilter, Curate of St. Clement's, Leeds, has offered
N October 16th the Rev. W. T. and Mrs. Sattianadhan left himself to the Society for missionary work in Palestine or Turkey, and

England for Paris, en route for India, viâ Italy and Egypt. has been accepted by the Committee.
In Paris he represented the Church Missionary Society at

The Bishop of Rupert's Land had an interview with the C.M.S. Com. a meeting on Foreign Missions held at the Salle Evan

mittee, on Oct. 8th, when it was agreed to continue the Society's grants

to the Sioux Mission in Manitoba, and to St. John's College, Winnipeg. gelique, near the Trocadero. A paper written by him for

In the Valley of Kashmir, described in last month's GLEANER, a terrible the occasion, on Christianity in India, had been translated into French, famine is prevailing. In some parts it is believed that from one-fourth to and was read in that language. He also addressed the meeting in English, one-half of the population have perished. The Punjab C.M.S. Committee, through an interpreter.

having received handsome contributions for the relief of the people, The following extract from a letter to the Editor contains a message for

including £450 collected at Simla after a sermon by Bishop French, have

directed two missionaries, the Rev. G. M. Gordon and Mr. W. Briggs, to the numerous friends of Mr. and Mrs. Sattianadhan in England, and will

buy up grain in the Punjab and hasten with it across the mountains into be read with much interest and many prayers for a continued blessing on Kashmir. the labours of our brother and sister in their own land :

On another page we give an account of a serious outrage perpetrated

PARIS, October 22nd. on the C.M.S. Mission at Fuh-Chow. Only a few weeks before that, the I cannot tell you how sorry we were to bid farewell, probably for ever, new chapel at Kiong-Ning-Fu (see GLEANER of September) was pulled to dear England, and all our Christian friends there. Our six months'

down, and the catechist expelled from the city. sojourn in England we shall always regard as the happiest period of our

The C.M.S. North Pacific Mission was founded in 1857 at the instance life. We cannot look back upon it without vividly calling to mind all

of Captain Prevost, R.N., who gave Mr. Duncan a free passage to Fort the many interesting associations connected with it, and our frequent Simpson in H.M.S. Satellite. After the lapse of twenty years, the same journeys over different parts of the country, and the many missionary excellent officer, now Admiral Prevost, has lately visited Metlakahtla: meetings we had the privilege to attend and take part in, and the many

and on October 14th he attended the C.M.S. Committee meeting and churches in which I preached, and the pleasant intercourse we held with described what he had seen. Where savagery and heathenism formerly many of God's people. Whatever we may forget, sure it is we shall never reigned, he now found peace, security, and industry, and having visited forget, to our dying day, our happy sojourn in England. My only regret Missions in all parts of the world, he could say, after spending a whole is that we have not been able to accept all the invitations of our friends. month among the Tsimshean Christians, that he had never seen anyAnd indeed we were so occupied and so pressed for time that we were not where such simple and truthful Christianity. able even to answer some of their letters. I trust that those friends will The C.M.S. is about to take over a Mission at Gaza, in Palestine, carried kindly pardon our apparent neglect, which has arisen, not from want of on for the last three years by Mr. W. D. Pritchett; and the Rer. A will, but entirely from want of power.

Schapira, late of West Africa, who is a Christian Jew, has been appointed Should you think it right, may I ask you to make known my views and

to the new station. feelings to our numerous friends in England by means of one of your

We can only just mention the General Conference on Foreign Missions magazines, and to tell them how very sensible we are of all their kindness, held at Mildmay on October 21–26. The proceedings were interesting and how refreshed we are by our intercourse with them, and how much throughout, delegates being present from almost all the English, Scotch, we need the prayers that God may watch over us in our long journey and Irish, Continental, and American Missionary Societies, and information take us safely to our native land, and enable us to win souls for Christ. being given about their work in every part of the world. Of C.M.S. O for grace to be able to say with the Apostle, “ Neither count I my life

Missions, East and Central Africa, North-West America, Metlakahtla, the dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the

Fuh-kien province, and the Afghan Mission at Peshawur, were particularly ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify of the

noticed. In the following week, Dr. Clark and Dr, Thompson, Secretarica Gospel of the grace of God.”

of the American Board of Missions, attended the C.M.S. Committee, and Good-bye! Please pray for us.—Yours very sincerely,

gave a most encouraging account of the work of that Society in Asiati. W. T. SATTHIANADIAN.


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SOUTH INDIA, Tinnevelly :

Page The Principal Entrance to the Temple of Combaconum, South India : 39 Tents of the North Tinnevelly Itinerant Mission

58 The Great Tank, or “Sea of Sacred Milk," at Strivilliputtur

70 The Bungalow in which Mr. Ragland died

71 The late Mrs. Devasagayam.

94 Jacob, an Inspecting Catechist....

106 Elanjenny, near Cape Comorin

106 Paneivilei Mission Station........

107 Pakkiam's Writing Lesson

107 Jesuadyal's Geography Lesson...

107 Travancore : Portrait of the late Rev. Henry Baker

67 Portrait of Bishop Speechly.......

110 Low Caste Woman weaving a grass mat

111 Marans, a Caste of Musicians

111 Brahman Yogi engaged in Meditation

111 Mavelicara Church.

111 Travelling by Bullock Bandy

114 The Mission Press at Cottayam, founded by the Rev. B. Bailey 115 Christ Church, Cottayam, built by the Rev. B. Bailey

115 Portrait of the late Rev. B. Bailey.

115 Masters and Divinity Students in the Cambridge Nicholson Institution........

119 Mission Agents at Cottayam

119 Telugu Mission = Mission Tents on the Banks of the River Kistna

131 A Solitary Grave in the Telugu Country ....



Page A Street Breakfast in Abeokuta.........

135 Niger St. Clement's Church, Bonny

130 EAST AFRICA. A Sermon on a Dead Lion

11 Graves at Mombasa

86 NYANZA. Illustrations to "Up the Nile to Uganda" Travelling on the Nile. 1. The Egyptian Donkey

18 2. The Nubian Camel

19 The Euphorbia Tree, Nubia......

26 In the Nubian Desert............................................

27 A Bishareen Sheep.

27 The Beni Amir Tribe, Nubia, South of Suakim

46 Arab Traders in the Nubian Desert

47 Dragon Trees between Suakim and Berber

47 Beni Amir Peasant at a Well, Nubia..........

50 An Arab Caravan

51 Khartoum, on the Nile

63 The Nile near Assuan

63 Fashoda, on the White Nile.......

82 Chief of the Nuehr Tribe, near Sobat, on the White Nile............... 82 Floating Islands on the White Nile

83 Dinka Village, White Nile

87 Dinka Profiles ..

87 A Dinka Dandy

87 King Mtesa and his Chiefs

54 MEDITERRANEAN. The C.M.S. Clergy in Palestine

38 The Mahmal Procession at Cairo

102 An Egyptian Girl

103 THE PUNJAB, Illustrations of Afghanistan and the Afghan Mission : The Principal Street of Peshawar

2 The C.M.S. Mission School at Peshawar The River Indus, opposite the entrance to the Peshawar Valley (looking south)

..6 & 7 The Peshawar Valley and the Khyber Pass (looking north-west)...6 & 7 The English Church at Peshawar

14 View of Cabul...

15 The C.M.S. Mission House at Peshawar-Arrival of Afghan Guests 66 The City and Plain of Kandahar

74 The City of Jellalabad

75 An Afghan Soldier......

126 The Hindu Kush Mountains, to the North of Afghanistan

139 Teaching in a Zenana at Umritsur

30 The Salt Mountains, Punjab..........

54 NORTH INDIA. Children in the Agra Christian Girls' Boarding School..........

34 Hindu Religious Devotees at Benares

42 Kapasdanga, Krishnagur

43 Calcutta- The Esplanade and Government House, &c.

90 The Christian Village of Basharatpore, near Goruckpore, North India...... 122 Goruckpore-The Orphanage

123 Goruckpore-Group of Native Agents


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....... 118

.... 140


Page A Royal Baptism at Lagos ..

32 Death of one of the Firstfruits ut Abeokuta

64 An aged Babalawo exchanging Ifa for Christ. By the Rev. J. Johnson... 93 A Street Breakfast in Abeokuta. (With Illustration)

135 NIGER. "Bonny has become a Bethel." (With Illustration)

129 EAST AFRICA. Fight with a Lion at Frere Town. Letter from Mr. J. R. Streeter. (With Illustration).

11 Frere Town, Letters from Mr. J. R. Streeter

57 Graves at Mombasa, (With Illustration)

86 The Easter Baptisms at Frere Town. Letter from Mr. J. R. Streeter 101 East Africa : A Catechist Murdered—The Gospel in the Murderer's Village -A Rough Journey Home, Letter from Mr. J. R. Streeter ............ 116

NYANZA. News from Central Africa

15 Memorial Tablet to the late Lieut. Smith

17 Up the Nile to Uganda : Journal of Mr. R. W. Felkin. (With Illustrations)...

18, 26, 46, 50, 63, 82, 86, 104 Mr. Mackay at Kagei

43 Our Solitary Missionary in Uganda. (With Illustration)

54 The Routes to the Victoria Nyanza. (With Map)

62 News from Uganda

116 Nyanza Mission: Mr. Mackay's Letters

124 William Tytherleigh-A Triple Call from God

135 More News from Uganda.........

MEDITERRANEAN. Our Palestine Mission. (With three Portraits).

38 Refused for Lack of Funds

73 The New Missionary Bishop of Jerusalem

97 The Most Mohammedan City in the World. (With Illustrations)

103 PERSIA. Persia Mission : The First Funeral. By the Rev. R. Bruce

51 WESTERN INDIA. Two Brahmin Converts. Letter from Rev. F. G. Macartney ....... 81

PUNJAB AND SINDH. About the Afghans. By the Rev. T. P. Hughes. (With Illustrations)

1, 6, 13 Churun Masih : A Story of our Afghan Frontier. By the Rev. D. Brodie An Eye Lost and an Eye Saved

16 Inside an Umritsur Zenana. By

Mrs. Elmslie. (With Illustration) 30 A Man that Killed his Enemy. By A. L. O. E....

44 The Afghan War: A Mission Hospital Spared by the Wuziris

48 First Experiences in the Punjab. By the Rev. C. P. C. Nugent. (With Illustration)....

53 The Convert's First Christmas. By A, L. O. E..........

56 Which shall Triumph ?.......

65 Afghan Guests at Peshawar. (With Illustration)

67 Visits to Kandahar and Jellalabad. Letters from the Revs. G. M. Gordon and T. P. Hughes. (With Illustrations)...

74 Two Brahmin Converts. 'Letter from Rev. R. Bateman..

81 The Rev. Imam Shah in the City of Cabul. Letter from the Rev, T. P. Hughes. (With Illustration).....

126 Two Mountain Barriers. (With Illustration)

NORTH INDIA, Letters to my Parish from Santalia. By the Rev. W. T. Storrs ...5, 17, 29, 45,

52, 71, 86 Answering Three Questions by a Clod. By the Rev. C. B. Leupolt

33 A Day with Christian Children at Agra. By the Rev. J. A. Lloyd. (With Illustration).

33 A Fifty Years' Search for Peace: The Story of Jadu Bindu Ghose. (With Illustrations),

41 The Church Missionary Gleaner localised in Calcutta

77 Who is the True Man and who the Counterfeit? A Parable for Hindu Sceptics. By the Rev. C. B. Leupolt

105 A“ Veritable Jewel.” By Bashanto Coomar Pal

117 Christian Workers at Goruckpore. By the Rev. H. Stern, (With Illustrations)

122 SOUTH INDIA. Our Home in the Wilderness : Recollections of North Tinnevelly. By

the Rev, R. R. Meadows. ...........9, 16, 28, 38, 58, 70, 88, 121, 133 Bishop Sargent's Proclamation to the Heathen of Tinnévelly...

12 The Rev. W. T. Sattianadhan's Journey Home. Letters from Mr. Sattianadhan from Paris and Italy....

..23, 28, 40 Tinnevelly: The Church Growing

49 The Blind Schoolmaster of Palamcotta

..65, 76 The late Rev. Henry Baker. (With Portrait)

67 The Tenth for God-in Tinnevelly

68 " The Great Point"

69 The late Mrs. Devasagayam. (With Portrait)

94 The New Missionary Bishop of Travancore and Cochin


SOUTH INDIA (continued).

Page An Examination through an Open Window.......

101 A Re-united Family. By the Rev. R. R. Meadows

104 Pictures from Tinnevelly. Notes by Mrs. Hobbs. (With Illustrations) 106 Travancore: The Land, the People, and the Mission. (With Portraits and Illustrations)

109 Chronological Table of the C.M.S. Travancore and Cochin Mission

112 Sunday Schools in Travancore. By the Rev. F. W. Ainley

112 The Church and the Press

113 What a Tamil Schoolboy can do

117 The Missionary Map of South India and Ceylon. (With Map).. The Travancore Pictures

120 Fortune-telling in India. Letter from Bishop Sargent.........

124 & Letter from beside a Solitary Grave. By Mrs. A. C. Stone. (With Illustrations)

130 CEYLON. Work at Cotta..........

36 Ceylon

72 An Apology to Ceylon, (With Illustration).

139 MAURITIUS. A Cousin of Mrs. Sattianadhan's in Mauritius.....

77 CHINA, A Chinese Evangelist's Parable

9 More about Great Valley. Letter from Rev. A. E. Moule. (With Ilustration)

35 Prayer-Meetings in the City of Perpetual Prosperity(With Illustration) 59 The Fuh-Kien Mission. Rev. J. R. Wolfe's Report for 1878

68 Our Peking Mission. (With Illustrations)

94 Persecution at Great Valley.

116 Our Mission Helpers at Hong-Kong. By the Rev. A. B. Hutchinson. (With Illustration).

127 JAPAN. Our Missionaries in Japan. (With Illustration)

22 The Mission Church at Tokio. By the Rev. J. Piper. (With Illustrations) 22 A Request from Japan for Prayer on May 20th....

59 NEW ZEALAND, A Memorable Spot in New Zealand

52 NORTH-WEST AMERICA. The Gospel among the Esquimaux. (With Illustration).....

........................ 134 Two Mountain Barriers. (With Illustration)

139 NORTH PACIFIC. New Work in the Far West. Letter from the Rev. A. J. Hall. (With Ilustration).

10 Admiral Prevost at Metlakahtla. (With Two Illustrations)

78 The New Missionary Bishop of Caledonia

97 An Appeal from Bishop Ridley. (With Portrait).

98 The New Diocese of Caledonia. (With Map)..

99 The Prayer of the Drowning Indians. By the Rev. W. H. Collison... 99

MISCELLANEOUS. Marching Orders. By the late Frances Ridley Havergal ...1, 13, 25, 49, 61, 73,

85, 97,

121 A Hint to Collectors .......

8 A Deaf and Dumb Missionary Meeting. By Mrs. M. M. Skelton

8 A Letter on Thank-offerings. By E. D, S.

12 A Good Example

12 A Good Suggestion for a Missionary Box...

17 Annie Lamb; or, The Lasting Memorial. By H. W.

20 The Church Missionary Atlas

24 1858 and 1878

25 The late General Lake. (With Portrait).

31 Four Score Years Old: The Eightieth Birthday of the C.M.S.

37 Thank-offerings. By E. D. S...

59 The Society's Anniversary

61 The Society's Funds

67 Death of the Rev. Samuel Hasell

84 The Gleaner as a Parochial Magazine. By the Rev. W. Allan

85 Lord Lawrence. (With Portrait)

91 An Exmoor Parish and its Missionary Boxes. By Alice King

91 Hints on Juvenile and Sunday School C.M. Associations ..100, 128, 137 Given up for the Heathen. By W. E. C.........

101 Frances Ridley Havergal Memorial Church Missionary Fund..

108 The Missionury Box; or, Pennies, Pounds, and a Tenth

118 POETRY. “What are They among So Many?" By A. T.

5 Their Feet-How Beautiful! By S. G. Stock

21 David Fenn-In Memoriam. By A. T.

33 For the Day of Intercession. By the Ven. Archdeacon Hone

60 “Far Away." By W. G. P.

69 The C.M.S. in Palestine. By Q........

77 A Blessed Choice. By W. J. H. Y.

93 Going Forth. By Q.


........... 139




Page Durham University Examination of Fourah Bay Students..

12 Degrees conferred by Durham University on Fourah Bay Students

...36, 72 Appointment of Mr. G. G. M. Nicol to Sierra Leone

60 Appointment of Rev. J. A. Lamb to Secretaryship of the Mission

60 Return Home of Rev. L. Nicholson

72 Ordination of Mr. Archdall Burtchaell.

84 Illness of Mr. G. G. M. Nicol......


PUNJAB AND SINDH. Pago Degree of B.D. conferred on Rev. T. P. Hughes

12 Appointment of Rev, A. T. Fisher to Umritsur 12 The Famine in Kashmir

..12, 96 Rev. G. M. Gordon at Quetta with British troops

24 Proposed Missions to Afghanistan, Beluchistan, &c.

24 Inauguration of Alexandra Girls' School 36 Death of Rev. C. Reuther

48 Ordination of Yakub Ali and Rev. C. P. C. Nugent

48 Appointment of Mr. Redman to Sindh

60 Appointment of Rev. A, R. Macduff for Work on the Frontier

72 Illness of Mrs. Clark-Return Home of Rev. R. and Mrs. Clark

72 Return Home of Revs. W. Hooper and T. J. Lee Mayer ...

72 Return of Rev. G. M. Gordon from Kandahar 72 The Nineteenth Report of the Umritsur Mission 72 Memorial Fund to the late General Lake 96

CHINA (continued).

Page Fuh-Kien visited by Bishop Burdon and Rer,

D. T. Barry-Ordination of Revs. R. W.
Stewart and Ll. Lloyd.....

72 Acceptance of Rev. R. Shann for China

84 Action brought against Rev. J. R. Wolfe by Chinese officials

..96, 132 Return Home of Rev. A. E. Monle.......

108 Return Home of the Rev. J. R. Wolfe and Miss Laurence....

132 Death of Bishop Russell

..132, 1401 The Fuh-Chow Difficulty compromised Serious Drought at Hang-Chow

140 Departure of the Rev. J. B. and Mrs. Ost 140




YORUBA. Appointments to and changes in the Mission... 12 Ordination of Mr. C. B. S. Gillings

24 Visit of the Bishop of Sierra Leone

60 The War in the Yoruba Country

84 Confirmations and Ordinations by Bishop Cheetham

96 Return Home of Rev. C. B. S. Gillings and Mr. J. Field


Visit of Rev. W. Dening to the Ainos......... 24 Census of Japan

24 Proposed Bishopric for Japan

36 Acceptance of Mr. G. H. Pole for Japan........ 36 Opening of new Mission Church at Hakodate 48 Appointment of Mr. Peel to the Mission.......... 60 Statistical Returns from Japan

60 Visit of Rev. H. Maundrell to Kagoshima 108

NIGER. News from the Mission—The Henry Venn...... 12 Encouraging Letters from Bishop Crowther.... 24 Letter to Bishop Crowther from King of the Belgians........

84 Death of Chief “Captain Hart” at Bonny. 84 Narrow Escape of the Henry Venn Steamer 84 Proposed Sanatorium on the Cameroons

96 Voyage of the Benry Venn up the Binue 132 Progress at Brass—Baptisms.....


.48, 132

NEW ZEALAND. Bishop Stuart's first Ordination.....

12 Shipwreck of Rev. J. S. and Mrs. Hill, and Mr. W. Goodyear ....

48 Death of Rev. T. S. Grace

.84, 132

NORTH INDIA. Ordination of Santals at Taljhari

24 Baptism of a Brahmin Pleader at Krishnagur. 24 Ordination of Rev. H. Williams

36 Return Home of Rev. D. T. Barry Return Home of Rev. W. T. Storrs

48 Work among the Gônds begun by Rev. H. D. Williamson...

48 Appointment of Messrs. Johnson, Ilsley, and Parsons to the Mission

60 Ordination of the Rev. Sartok Biswas.. Second Annual Meeting of North-West Provinces Native Church Council

60 Degree of B.D. conferred on Rev. W. T. Storrs 72 Disastrous floods in Krishnagur........


EAST AFRICA. An “Institute "established at Frere Town ..... 24 Proposed Bishopric for East Africa ....

36 Appointment of Messrs. Wilson and Verso to East Africa....

60 The Sultan of Zanzibar at Mombasa

60 Departure of Rev. A. Menzies for East Africa .. 72 First Baptism of Freed Slaves at Frere Town.. 96 Rev. A. Menzies' first impressions of Frere Town


NORTH-WEST AMERICA, Appointment of Messrs. Winter and Sim to the Mission

60 Railway communication extended to Red River 60 Bishop Horden on the Hudson's Bay Missions 60 Ordination of Mr. V. C. Sim-Departure of Messrs. Sim and Spendlore.......

72 Departure of Rev. G. S. Winter for York Factory

96 Return Home of Archdeacon Kirkby

132 Encouraging news from Rev. E. J. Peck.......... 132

NYANZA, Proposed Telegraph through Central Africa ... 36 Mr. W. S. Penrose attacked and killed

36 Progress of the Nile Party

.48, 60, 108 Appointment of Messrs. Price and Cole to Mpwapwa

60 King Leopold and Dr. Baxter's services to the Belgian Expedition

60 News of Messrs. Stokes and Copplestone ... 60 Arrival of Messrs. Stokes and Copplestone at Kagei

96 Interesting Letters from Mpwapwa


SOUTH INDIA. Death of Rev. H. Baker

12 Accessions in C.M.S. Districts of Tinnevelly ... 12 Bishop Sargent's first Ordination

...........12, 36 Missionary Tour by Rev. F. N. Alexander...... 24 Proposed Bishopric for Travancore

36 Proposed Memorial to the late Rev. D. Fenn... 36 Opening of Usborne Memorial School, Palamcotta

48 Appointment of the Rev. C. A. Neve to Travancore..

60 Departure of Rev. F. Bower for Travancore 60 Return Home of Rev. F.W. Ainley...

60 Ordination by Bishop Caldwell at Edyengudi 72 The Rev. J. and Mrs. Stone at Raghapuram... 96 Return Home of Rev. J. Caley

132 Distribution of Memoirs of Ragland among educated Hindus

132 Our Missionaries in Travancore


NORTH PACIFIC. Proposed division of Diocese of British Columbia........

36 Appointment of Mr. G. Sneath to Queen Charlotte's Islands

36 Appointment of Rev. W. Ridley to New See of Caledonia

48 Appeal of Rev. W. Ridley for a Steamer

72 Intended visitof Admiral Prevost to Metlakahtlá 72 Encouraging progress in Queen Charlotte's Islands

84 Arrival of Admiral Prevost at Metlakahtla 132

The C.M.S. urged to resume its Missions in
Turkey and Asia Minor

12 Appointment of Rev. A. Schapira to Gaza...... 12 Return of Rev. F. Bellamy to Palestine

36 Appointment of Mr. Nasar Odeh to Palestine .. 60 Departure of Rev. W. T. Pilter for Palestine... 60 Death of Bishop Gobat......

...72, 84 The new Bishop of Jerusalem

96 Offer of annual sum for occupation of Abûd ... 96 The Rev. A. Schapira at Gaza

96 Death of Mrs. Gobat


CEYLON. Public Controversy between Revs. J. I. Jones and S. Coles, and a Romish Priest

24 Statistics of Ceylon Mission

48 The Ceylon difficulty

84 Return Home of Rev. W. E. Rowlands



HOME. Observance of Day of Intercession

12 Retirement of Rev. J. G. Heisch from the Institution.

12 Publication of new Maps of Africa

24 Gift of Pianoforte to C.M. Children's Home 24 Acceptance of Mr. W. E. Taylor for Africa 36 The C.M.S. Annual Sermon

60 Minute on Death of Rev. W. T. Bullock

60 Appointment of Rev. H. Wright to Prebendal Stall of Oxgate

72 Nomination of Vice-Presidents of C.M.S. 72 Ordination of Islington Students ...........84, 96 Oxford and Cambridge Preliminary Exami

nation passed by Islington Students......... 84 Death of General Alexander

84 The Special Fund to meet Society's deficiency 96 Valedictory Dismissal of Missionaries..... 96 Memorial Fund to the late General Lake 96 Appointment of Rev. H. Sutton as Central Secretary.....

182 The Death of Bishop Baring.

132 Death of Mrs. Lake ........................... 182 The late Dr, Mullens

132 Death of Rev. C. E, Vines


PERSIA. Appointment of Dr. E. F. Hoernle to Persia...84, 96 Ordination and departure of Dr. E. F. Hoernle 132

WESTERN INDIA, Return of Missionaries to the Mission ............ Accident to Rev. Ruttonji Nowroji Appointment of Messrs. Manwaring and

Mountfort to the Mission

MAURITIUS. Spread of the Gospel among the Coolies......... 72 Return Home of Rev. W. B. Chancellor......... 132

CHINA. Spread of the Gospel in Great Valley.........24, 140 Death of Mrs. Galt-Return Home of Dr. Galt 48 Confirmations in the Che. Kiang Province ...... 48 Appointment of Messrs, Ost and Banister to the Mission......

60 The Fuh-Chow Outrage

60 Return Home of Rev, A. B. Hutchinson...... 72

12 36


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