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There is a crisis in our homes. In the United States, half of our children grow up without any father in the home. Value and morality are losing their impact. Around the world, one out of every six children lives in poverty. Teenage girls are being bought and sold. Teenage boys are being targeted by gangs and violence. Children are being abandoned. What we need our (are) fathers in the home. This book is a clarion call to our society to begin reinvesting in the home once again. Drawing from practical experience as a teacher, a principal, and the director of a large global educational scholarship program, Mark White argues the case for the importance of fathers as leaders within the home. May I Call YOu Dad is a book for anyone looking for practical solutions to the ruins of broken homes. It is a book every parent should read. may i Cal You Dad demonstrates the difference one person can make in the life of a child. That person is you. -- Back cover.

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