A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2007 - 132 من الصفحات
"The Princess was one of those 'angels unawares.' Her physical beauty was out of this world. Her spirituality was rare. You could not be in her presence without a sense of awe. She came, she touched, she went, leaving her footprints in our heart! Greta Sheppard . . . Writer/Author, Lecturer. The youthful freshness of Arlene's account makes you cry out: "No!" And then, "Yes, take me along with you." Vicky Love, author of "Childless is not less" When you read this book, you will be moved within. Arlene wrote most of it before she went to glory. It is written from her heart... from the meditations of a young girl filled with dreams... a young girl facing eternity. It will fill you with emotions that are hard to express. You will be touched as you enter her journey... I was. Patricia King Extreme Prophetic Ministries "A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming" is the exceptionally touching story of the strong faith of a young girl battling for her life. During her short lifetime, Arlene touched many people's lives. Though her story is about her battle with cancer, the emotional ups and downs, and her strong faith throughout, it's also filled with deep love, commitment and joy. It is sure to touch your life in ways you wouldn't think possible. Arlene's book takes you through her fight, beginning with the discovery of her cancer, climaxing with her Make A Wish Foundation visit with Prince Charles, in Buckingham Palace, back through another battle with leukemia and ending with a letter from Arlene's parents, missionaries David and Rowene Sheppard. Even though Arlene is now in heaven, here is a touching story that deserves to be heard. Rick Osborne Author: 101 Things Children Ask About God

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And the Mountain Climbing Begins
Life with Chemo
From Bed to Buckingham
And the Story continues
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