American Journal of Philology, المجلد 43

الغلاف الأمامي
Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, Charles William Emil Miller, Benjamin Dean Meritt, Tenney Frank, Harold Fredrik Cherniss, Henry Thompson Rowell
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1922
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الصفحة 355 - Kathleen Lambley, The teaching and cultivation of the French language in England during Tudor and Stuart times, with an Introductory chapter on the preceding period
الصفحة 99 - Scripture, so that what he says in his own words he may prove by the words of Scripture, and he himself, though small and weak in his own words, may gain strength and power from the confirming testimony of great men. For his proof gives pleasure when he cannot please by his mode of speech.”'
الصفحة 345 - ‘I shall rejoice to see your Dialogues. Mine are consecutive, and will have nothing of that dramatic variety of which you will make the most. My plan grew out of Boethius, though it has since been so modified, that the origin would not be suspected.
الصفحة 101 - in intelligible words: and then when my capacities of expression prove inferior to my inner apprehensions, I grieve over the inability which my tongue has betrayed in answering to my heart. For it is my wish that he who hears me should have the same complete understanding of the subject which I
الصفحة 59 - In the Isle of Man fairies made “a mock christening when any woman was near her time, and according to what child, male or female, they brought, such should the woman bring into the
الصفحة 344 - ‘The dialogues of the martyr with his majestic visitant are unlike, anything that Landor wrote, and if he really has any model, it is Plato, against whom he harbours one of his perverse crazes, and whom he seems only to praise in order to give some colour of justice to his abuse.'
الصفحة 358 - In every science it is demanded that the investigator understand the method of science. He must see the reasons for its existence, be aware of its limitations, and be able to follow it, through all difficulties and seemingly endless amassments of material, consistently to a conclusion, good or bad. In all sciences there are many
الصفحة 93 - Those, again, who are to deliver what others compose for them ought, before they receive their discourse, to pray for those who are preparing it; and when they have received it, they ought to pray both that they themselves may deliver it well, and that those to whom they address it, may give ear.”
الصفحة 99 - exhibition of proofs. If, however, the hearers require to be roused rather than instructed, in order that they may be diligent to do what they already know, and to bring their feelings into harmony with the truths they admit, greater vigor
الصفحة 192 - 33 (And I knew him not; but he who sent me to baptize with water, said to me: He upon

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