Shakespeare's Sonnets Re-done

Author House, 14/01/2005 - 160

SHAKESPEARES SONNETS RE-DONE consists of all 154 of the sonnets William Shakespeare sent down to us; however, those items have been given some evident rewritings--between translations and adaptations. Stylistic compromises infest the now perhaps final versions. For instance, some definite splittings of infinitives and some very findable examples of the expletive there and the expletive it--along with such probably major solecisms as Enjambment--might be seen as real detractors. After an Editorial While had elapsed a giving up occurred. [Bruce Hamilton had intended to reduce to zero the occurrences of the word wow, but he somehow retained all such occurrences.] SHAKESPEARES SONNETS RE-DONE reflects an abiding wish to produce highly accessible Modern Versions of Shakespeares originals.






Bruce Hamilton attended Yale College for some two years and then, in 1968, dropped out of Yale. He assiduously has devoted his literary practicing mostly to 5-finger-exercise pieces, such as sonnets and limericks. His recent "literary hero" was and still is Jorge Luis Borges, with whom he shares certain pessimisms regarding language and literature.