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is the foundation of his fitness to be an undertaker on their be-

balf, and of the equity of their being made partakers of the be.

nefits of his mediation,


4. That notwithstanding the union of nature, which is between the

Son of God incarnate the sanctifier, and the children that are to

be sanctified, there is in respect of their persons an inconceiv-

able distance between them, so that it is a marvellous condes-

cension in him to call them brethren,


5. That which was principally upon the heart of Christ in his suf-

ferings, was to declare and manifest the love, grace and good

will of God unto men, that they might come to an acquain-

tance with him, and acceptance before him,


6. That the Lord Christ as the Captain of our salvation, was ex-

posed in the days of his flesh unto great difficulties, anxieties of

mind, dangers and troubles,


7. The Lord Christ in all his perplexities and troubles, betook

himself unto the protection of God, trusting in him,


8. He both trusted and suffered as our head and precedent, 451

VERSES 14, 15.

1. That all sinners are subject unto death, as it is penal,


2. Fear of death as it is penal is inseparable from sin, before the
sinner is delivered by the death of Christ,


3. Fear of death as penal, renders the minds of men obnoxious un-

to bondage,


4. That the Lord Christ out of his inexpressible love, willingly

submitted himself unto every condition of the children to be

saved by him, and to every thing in every condition of them,

sin only excepted,


5. It was only in flesh and blood, the substance and essence of hu-

man nature, and not in our personal infirmities, that the Lord

Christ was made like unto us,


6. That the Son of God should take part in human nature with

the children, is the greatest and most admirable effect of divine

love, wisdom and grace,


7. That the first and principal end of the Lord Christ's assum-

ing human nature, was not to reign in it, but to suffer and die in



8. All the power of Satan in the world over any of the sons of

men, is founded in sin, and the guilt of death attending it, 471

9. All sinners out of Christ, are under the power of Satan, 472

10. The death of Christ, through the wise and righteous disposal

of God, is victorious, all-conquering and prevalent,


11. One principal end of the death of Christ, was to destroy the

power of Satan,


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10. Interest in the gospel, gives sufficient cause of confidence and

rejoicing in every condition,
11. So many and great are the interveniences and temptations that

lie in the way of profession, so great is the number of them that
decay in it, or apostatize from it, that as unto the glory of God
and the principal discovery of its truth and sincerity, it is to be
taken from its permanency unto the end,



The general concernments of this Epistle, have all of them been discussed and cleared in the preceding Exercitations and Discourses. The things and matters confirmed in them, we therefore here suppose, and take for granted. And some of these are of such a nature, that without a demonstration of them, a genuine and perspicuous declaration of the design of the author, and of the sense of the Epistle, cannot be well founded or carried on. Unto them therefore we must remit the reader, who desires to peruse the ensuing Exposition with profit and advantage. But yet, because the manner of the handling of things in those Discourses, may not be so suited to the minds of all who would willingly inquire into the Exposition itself, I shall bere make an entrance into it, by laying down some such general principles and circumstances of the Epistle, as may give a competent prospect into the design and argument of the apostle, in the whole thereof.

First, The first of these concerns the persons whose instruction and edification in the faith is here aimed at. These in general were the Hebrews, the posterity of Abraham, and the only church of God before the promulgation of the gospel, who in those days were distributed into three sorts, or parties.

1st, Some of them believing in Christ through the gospel, were perfectly instructed in the liberty given them from the Mosaic law, with the foundation of that liberty, in the accomplishment of that law, in the person, office, and work of the Messiah, Acts ïi. 41, 42.

2d, Some with their profession of faith in Christ as the pro. mised Messiah, retained an opinion of the necessity of observing the Mosaic rites; and these also were of two sorts.

1. Such as from a pure reverence of their original institutions, either being not fully instructed in their liberty, or by reason of prejudices, not readily admitting the consequences of that truth wherein they were instructed, abode in the obsery. VOL. III.


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