How God Answers Your 911 Call

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2004 - 136 من الصفحات
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Did you know that God has your answer even before you ask? Do you wonder what God expects of you? "So many people are struggling with the demands of daily living. They search in vain for some shred of hope that will provide a degree of peace and reassurance that their lives are not in vain. Now comes a book, How God Answers Your 911 Call, that provides this hope, this reassurance. Kim Jonn has done a masterful job of showing the reader that hope and reassurance come from the Scriptures, that God's Word is the source of security in an otherwise insecure world. Her ability to relate everyday challenges to specific biblical references is both timely and insightful." Rev. Thomas E. Fisher Don't miss this informative book! In How God Answers Your 911 Call, you will learn: what God does to prepare you for salvation; how God can supply your needs; what grace, healing, and eternal life really are; the kinds of prayer God answers; what co-crucifixion means; what fire baptism is and how it relates to your salvation; and the meaning behind the cross of Christ. Through inviting stories, interesting dialogue, and biblical truths, you will find the solution to this life's mysteries. As you read, your thoughts will turn away from your problems and toward the heart of God. The author, Kim Jonn, is an artist, degreed in education, and is certified as a social worker. She is co-founder of Gospel on the Go Ministries, a Bible outreach for nursing home patients. Jonn has written for the popular A Cup of Comfort Devotional: Daily Reminders of God's Love and Grace.

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