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1.11,0 47, XXI. Hence we learn the genuine .ori5:59*267 ginal Festivals and Fafts for Christians, api'v c13 pointed by the Apostles. viz. Besides the 7,20,-; Lord's Day, and in a lesser degree the Sab

bath Day, the Festivals were Easter, Pen6:23.8.369 tecoft between Eafter and Whitfontide, and 6,36,86176 particularly the Afcenfion, and Defcent of Loving the Holy Ghost', besides the occasional 533:P 414 Commemoratibns of the Martyrss! The

Fásts 'were, the lesser of Quadragefima, or Fast of Five Days before Paffion Week in Memory of the Forty Days for our Saviour's Conversation with his Apostles, and delivering the Christian Law to them after bis Resurrection ;' and of Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the Year, excepting elie Tinie of Pentecoft ; and the great and folemn Faft of Palion Week ; especially of the Day and Night of our Saviour's lying in the Grave, even though it happend on the Sabbath Day.' But that otherwise no Christian ought to fast either on the Lord's Day or the Sabbath.

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XXII. Hence, we learn the Hainou(ness, 1,364.2: Danger, and Mischief of the Sini of Schillin, 330,331, both in Opinion and Practice and how

careful all Church-governors ought to
of giving the least Occasion for it;
the People of fuffering themselves to be



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drawn into it under any unwarrantable
Pretences whatsoever, 1 to 10.1, 5. i Long

XXIIL Hence, we learn the Hainousness, c. 7, 8, 9, Danger, and Mischief of Herely, or of set-10, p 334, Lting up human Inferences, Determinations, c. 38, p. and Hypotheses, as Doctrines or Articles of 348, 349 ixChristian Faith, without, on against the 9:26, P.

354, 35$ Declarations and Revelations in these Apoftolical Constitutions, and in the inspired Books of the New Testament. in

XXIV. Hence we learn, and that from L.vi,c.11, Divine Revelation, the Freedoin of human P: 340 Actions, the Immortality of human Souls, their Joy or Torment in the intermediate State after Death , and the. Certainty of the Resurrection of the Body, of the future L. v, 6.7, Judgment, and of the glorious Rewards and P-308,309 terrible Punishments of the other. World, as undoubted Principles of the Christian Religion.dicina

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L. ii, 6?,

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XXV. Hence we learn the Law of the Gospel, as to the Marriage of the Clergy ; p.214 that it was freely perınitted before Ordi- L.vi,c.17, nation, but not afterward, and that those? 347 twice married, were incapable of bæiug chosen into the Clergy, od : Si

XXVI. Hence

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I. iit, por 70$.

iit, c.2, br*XXVI. Hence we also learn the Law of 1:271 (the Gospel as to the Marriage of thei Lai. -- Pay Once being of the best Reputation

Twice unblameable; the Third Time of * 4. ill Reputation, and the Fourth plain! Inicontinence."

"Jogovor bol -utill Wi; lend tulis V., vir

XXVII. Hence we learn the 'Laws of

the Gospel as to Virgins',' and Widuws. Virginity was in great Efteem, as also was låwful Marriage. Nonë were to be press’d p. 348

to vow Virginity; but those who had vow'd were oblig'd strictly to observe their Vow. Those once married were alone capable of being cholen into the Number of Sacred Widows, maintain'd by the Church.

NXX XXVIII. Hence we learn the frideft 23573" Rules of Chastity, not only in a single, Topics but also in a marry'd Estate, highly agree

able with the Design and Purity of the Christian Religion.

"C"; ft yi Lili, 6.18,

XXIX. Hence we learn the Original p. 289 silvi,c.24 Composition and Appointment of a {tated ass; Liturgy ; and that the Apostles own Litur2.0111,85,gy is here preservd ; that the Lord's Pray22, P. er was only us'd at Baptism, and in private

Devotions, that the Apostles own Creed 90 416, - is here állo preservd, and was only us’d in


XXX. Hence

Lvi, 27,

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391-409 6.26-41,


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XXX. Hence we learn that fagred and Lili, 6.16. peculiar Vestiments were, originally usd in 2,2388 holy Ministrations; and that significant Signs 43,44. p. were us'd in Divine Worships as particu- 380,384 larly the Cross both in Baptism and the 6.12,9 399 Lord's Supper. But all still as appointed only from our Saviour himself, by his Ho1 ly Apoftles'; and not-anyby bare humani Invention and Appointment. !71.55

XXXI. Hence we learn how very care- L.v11,6:39 ful the Apostles were of Catechizing, or 49, p.378, of preparing the Catechumens for Baptism 2. viii, or Confirmation; no less than Three Years 6.32,p.414 being ordinarily allotted for that purpofe. XXXII. Hence we learn how exactly

P. 264 the Apostles distinguish'd between the Du- L, vii,cas, ties and Privileges of the several Members, 2: 370 the Catechumens, the Competentes, the Pemitents, and the Faithful, and how careful. 6.12,9-398 ly they conceal’d the mystical Parts of our Religion from all but the Faithful.

Lii, 6:57,

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p. 396,

L.U. 20,

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- XXXIII. Hence we learn the strict, Obli- [.zi, 6:12, gations all Christians are under to abstain P. 342, from Blood, and from things. Atrangled ; 2. 368 as plain Duties of Christianity.

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Can. 63 XXXIV. Hence we learn, that swearing, Lii, A36, when we are lawfully requir’d, is not abso- P 246.4.v. Mat??

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6.12, 311

l'utely L. vi, 6.23, 7,352,353, lutely unlawful among Christians. But ftill 4.400-3, that it ought to be avoided as much as se poslible to sto ti 22 metben azonyban?

gps og Star Polim. pela

XXXV. Hence we learn in general, the great Purity and Strictness required of Chariftians and the great necessity and advantage of a ttrict Discipline in the Church.

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O N. B. Befides these few short Inferences or Hints from these Sacred Constitutions, I shall take leave to enlarge upon one point of great Difficulty in it felf, and much debated at present, I mean the Measures of Submission to Supreme Governors, and whether the Subjects may in no case rise up against them, and depose them, for intolerable Misgovernment or Tyranny. I 1hall afford what Light can to the Chriftian Enquirer, by setting down all the principal Passages relating to this matter in these Books, 'whether they relate to Tem. poral or to Spiritual Governors; and they are fuch as well deserve a serious Confideration in this Controversy.

2-T Διο φουκτέον από τη φθορέων ποιμαίων. . μύτοι ποιμία και αγαθών και λαϊκού τιμάτω, αγαπα πω, φοβείσθω. κ. τ.λ.

Spiritual Fathers to be more honoured thun temporal Fathers, or Princes and the


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L.ii, 6, 19,

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