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Liit, c,XXVI. Hence we alfo learn the Law of
238 The Gofpel as to the Marriage of the Lai-
ty Once being of the belt Reputation;
Twice unblameable; the Third Time of
Mill Reputation, and the Fourth plain! hi-
Mynd 2 & Dr. I
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XXVII. Hence we learn the Laws of 7os. the Gospel as to Virgins, and Widows. Lio, c.14 Virginity was in great Efteem, as alfo was $299 17 lawful Marriage. None were to be prefs'd P. 348 to vow Virginity; but those who had vowld were oblig'd ftrictly to obferve their Vow. Thofe once married were alone capable of being chofen into the Number of Sacred Widows, maintain'd by the Church. MX X X X L Z XXVIII. Hence we learn the ftridest Rules of Chastity, not only in arfingle, but alfo in a marry'd Estate; highly) agreeable with the Defign and Purity of the Chriftian Religion.



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Lific. 18, XXIX. Hence we learn the Original Svit,r.24 Compofition and Appointment of a stated



45 Liturgy, and that the Apostles own LitorLies, gy is here preferv'd that the Lord's Pray22 Per was only us'd at Baptifm, and in private C.36-41, Devotions, that the Apoftles own Creed 416, is here alfo preferv'd, and was only us'd in Diwal om u nede






XXX. Hence

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. VI. Apoftolical Conftitutions.


L. vii,

. Hence we learn that facred and L. 16. peculiar Veftiments were originally us'd in 17. P. 288 holy Miniftrations, and that fignificant Signs 43.44. p. +were us❜d in Divine Worship as particu- 380,381 larly the Grofs both in Baptifm and the .12, 399 Lord's Supper. But all ftill as appointed only from our Saviour himself, by his Ho*ly Apoftles; and not any by bare human Invention and Appointment..

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XXXI. Hence we learn how very care- Lv.39 Congthy otvori ful the Apostles were of Catechizing, or 4 P-378, of preparing the Catechumens for Baptifm 2. viii, or Confirmation; no less than Three Years 32.414 being ordinarily allotted for that purpofe.



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Lii, 4.57,

P. 264

Lviii, 1.9,

P. 396.

XXXII. Hence we learn how exactly the Apostles diftinguifh'd between the Du- Lucas, ties and Privileges of the feveral Members, P. 370 the Catechumens, the Competentes, the Penitents, and the Faithful; and how careful- 12,p. 398 ly they conceal'd the myftical Parts of our Religion from all but the Faithful.


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XXXIII. Hence we learn the ftrict Obli- Lui,c.12, gations all Chriftians are under to abftain P 342, from Blood, and from things ftrangled;

Luis, 20,


Can. 63


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as plain Duties of Christianity.




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XXXIV. Hence we learn, that fwearing, when we are lawfully requir'd, is not abfo

rush XXX


ii, 36, 246... lutely Lui,c.23,

C.12.P 311

7,352,353, lutely unlawful among Christians. But ftill 4.400-3, that it ought to be avoided as much as se poslible to sto ti 22 metben azonyban?

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XXXV. Hence we learn in general, the great Purity and Strictness required of Chariftians and the great necessity and advantage of a ttrict Discipline in the Church.

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O N. B. Befides these few short Inferences or Hints from these Sacred Constitutions, I shall take leave to enlarge upon one point of great Difficulty in it felf, and much debated at present, I mean the Measures of Submission to Supreme Governors, and whether the Subjects may in no case rise up against them, and depose them, for intolerable Misgovernment or Tyranny. I 1hall afford what Light can to the Chriftian Enquirer, by setting down all the principal Passages relating to this matter in these Books, 'whether they relate to Tem. poral or to Spiritual Governors; and they are fuch as well deserve a serious Confideration in this Controversy.

2-T Διο φουκτέον από τη φθορέων ποιμαίων. . μύτοι ποιμία και αγαθών και λαϊκού τιμάτω, αγαπα πω, φοβείσθω. κ. τ.λ.

Spiritual Fathers to be more honoured thun temporal Fathers, or Princes and the


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L.ii, 6, 19,

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Cap.VI. Apoftolical Conftitutions. 715

Priefthood, in its own Sphere, more hono-
rable than the Royal Authority.

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Οὐ μώτοι λογιςεύσεις σε τὸν Ὀλίσκοπον, η L.ii, c. 35, το ατηρήσεις τω οἰκονομίαν αυτῷ· πῶς ἐπιτελεῖ τι 246 ἢ πότε, ή πίσιν, ἢ πδ, ἢ εἰ καλῶς, ἢ φαύλως, ἢ δεόν ως· ἔχει γδ λογικὴν κύριον τὸν Θεὸν, τὸν ἐγχειρίσαντα εἰς τας χείρας αυτό η οικονομίας ταύτίω, καὶ καταξιώσαντα ἀὐτὸν τὸ ἱεροσύνης τῇ της λικέτε τόπο.





1 Πάσῃ βασιλείᾳ καὶ ἀρχῇ ὑποτάγητε, ἐν οἷς Livc13 ἀρέσες Θεῷ, ὡς Θεός διακόνοις, καὶ π ασεβώδης 199 τιμωροῖς, πάντου φόβον τὸν ὀφειλόμρον αὐτοῖς αποπληρώσατε πᾶς εἰσφορὰν, τῶν τέλει, πα σαν τιμή, δόσιν, κήνσον Θεό γδ' τέτο διάταγ και μηδενί τι χρεωτεῖν, εἰ μὴ τὸ δ φιλίας σύμβου λον, ὃ ὁ Θεὸς διετάξαντο διά Χριστ

d .


Προσέχωμεν, ἀγαπητοί, τί τὸ κλέβω 1.05,6.2, φασιασάντων, καὶ ποταπὴ ἡ ἀπόφασις αυτ; εἰ δ', 33° ὁ βασιλειδαν ἐπεγειρόμμυα κολάσεως ἄξιΘ, καν 28% μός ᾖ, καν φίλο, πόσῳ μᾶλλον ὁ ἱερεῦσιν ἐπα μισάμμος ὅσῳ ἡ ἱερωσύνη βασιλείας αμείνων, πολύ ψυχῆς ἔχεσα τὸν ἀγῶνα, τοσύτῳ καὶ βαρυτές ραν ἔχι * τιμωρίαν ὁ ταύτῃ τολμήσας. άντομα ματῶν, τῷ ὅτι [ὁ τῇ] βασιλείᾳ· καίτοιγε σ ἧς ἀτιμώρητΘ. κ. τ. λ.


Τοῖς διὰ φιλαρχίαν ἀπολέσασιν ο αυτίκα Θεὸς C41332 ἐπήγαγε * τιμωρίαν. κ. τ. λ.

Οὐ ποιήσεις χίσματα προς τὰς ἁγίας, μνησθεὶς Lviro, της κορειτης


p. 366

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Τὸν βασιλέα φοβηθήση, εἰδὼς ὅτι τὰ
Ἐξὶν ἡ χειροτονία, τὲς ἀρχονας αυτῷ


κυρίες. 16, τιμήσεις, 367



Οι και ως λειτεργες Θεῷ· ἔκδικοὶ γὰρ εἰσι πάσης άδι και οἷς ἀποτίπατε τέλοι, φόρον, καὶ ποε εσφα τὰν ἀγνωμόνως.



Οὔτε δὲ βασιλούς δυσεβὴς ἔτι βασιλοὺς ὑπάρ Συ... 4.2, ἀλλὰ τύραν. ἔτε τσιπ Θ· ἀγνοίᾳ, ἢ κακοποίᾳ πεπιεσμένοι ὀπίσκοπος Ἐξιν, αλλά μό διώνυμος, καλα Θεός αλλά πα ανθρώπων προς οἱ βασιλεῖς τῇ Ἰσραὴλ καὶ τὸ


μες της 419

μα τω

ἰάδα ἀσεβήσαντες παντοίας τιμωρίας ἔπε· δῆλον
εκ ως και οι ψευδώνυμοι ἐπίσκοποι καὶ πρεσβύτεροι
ἐν καὶ οἱ
σὺν ἐκφεύξονται τω αλλά Θεό δίκτει. Vid
Can. IX. car
- Εἴτις ἐπίσκοπο ή πρεσβύτερος, διάκον Θε
καθαιρεθείς δικαίως ὅτι ἐγκλήμασι φανεροῖς,
τολμήσεν ἐφάψας τῆς ποτὲ ἐγχρισθείσης αυτῷ
λειτεργίας, οι πουτάπασιν ἐκκοπέσω τῆς ἐχ

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Can. 30

Can. 31

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· Εἴ τις 7 Ο διὰ χρημάτων τῆς ἀξίας ταύτῆς ἐγκρατής γένη, ἢ πρεσβύτερος, ἣ διάκονος, καθαιρείσθαι, καὶ αὐτὸς, καὶ ὁ χειρονήσας, καὶ ἐν τ τέρω παντοίπασι καὶ τῆς κοινωνίας

· Εἴτις ἐπίσης Οι κοσμικοῖς ἄρχεσι χρησάμα δι ̓ αὐτῷ ἐγκρατὴς ἐκκλησίας λύνται, καθαι ρεπτο, και αφοριζέσθω, καὶ οἱ κοινωνῶντες αὐτῷ πάντες




Can. 32 Εἴ τις πρεσβύτερος καταφρονήσας τῷ ἰδίαν ἐπισκέ τα χωρίς Cuυαγάγῃ, καὶ θυσιαςήριον ἕτερον πήξη, μηδὲν κατεγνωκώς τῷ ἐπισκόπε ἐν ἀσεβείς κα δικαιοσύνης, καθαιρείσθαι, ως φίλαρχος τύρανα † γάρ ἐστιν. και τελ

ii ܟ



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