Early Letters of Thomas Carlyle, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Macmillan, 1886

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الصفحة 85 - To be no more : sad cure! for who would lose, Though full of pain, this intellectual being, Those thoughts that wander through eternity., To perish rather, swallow'd up and lost In the wide womb of uncreated night, Devoid of sense and motion?
الصفحة 17 - OH for a lodge in some vast wilderness, Some boundless contiguity of shade, Where rumour of oppression and deceit, Of unsuccessful or successful war, Might never reach me more.
الصفحة 118 - M. die, quibus in terris inscripti nomina regum nascantur flores, et Phyllida solus habeto. P. non nostrum inter vos tantas componere lites. et vitula tu dignus et hie, et quisquis amores aut metuet dulces aut experietur amaros.
الصفحة 104 - Honour and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.
الصفحة 29 - Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing, more than any man in all Venice. His reasons are as two grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff : you shall seek all day ere you find them, and when you have them, they are not worth the search.
الصفحة 155 - The blue majestic everlasting ocean, with the Fife hills swelling gradually into the Grampians behind ; rough crags and rude precipices at our feet (where not a hillock rears its head unsung), with Edinburgh at their base clustering proudly over her rugged foundations, and covering with a vapoury mantle the jagged black venerable masses of stonework that stretch far and wide and show like a city of Fairyland.
الصفحة 108 - French author, d'Alembert (one of the few persons who deserve the honourable epithet of honest man), whom I was lately reading, remarks that one who devoted his life to learning ought to carry for his motto, ' Liberty, Truth, Poverty,' for he that fears the latter can never have the former.
الصفحة 359 - Mrs. .Welsh had a large acquaintance. He liked none of them, and ' her visitors would neither be diminished in numbers nor bettered in quality.' No ! he must have the small house in Edinburgh ; and ' the moment he was master of a house, the first use he would turn it to would be to slam the door against nauseous intruders.
الصفحة 284 - There is poetry in the book, and prose, prose for ever. When I read of players and libidinous actresses and their sorry pasteboard apparatus for beautifying and enlivening the ' Moral World, ' I render it into grammatical English, — with a feeling mild and charitable as that of a starving hyaena.
الصفحة 282 - Who never ate his bread in sorrow, Who never spent the darksome hours Weeping and watching for the morrow, He knows ye not, ye gloomy Powers.

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