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siastical Courts," which many persons suppose is intended to destroy all relics of Church discipline over laymen, and to make jobs for Doctors' Commons, may probably touch it and other kindred subjects indirectly; and if we prefer peace between Church and State to principle, or are ignorant what true principle is, we can hardly fail to incur loss to our Church, and shall prepare bad measures which will lead to worse.

If I shall succeed in drawing out any information, your readers, as well as yourself, will forgive me for occupying so much of your space.

I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,

W. K.

[We agree with most of our Correspondent's principles, and should be disposed, like him, to welcome the recent Marriage Act as an emancipation, rather than an injury, to the Church, were we quite sure that the Clergy are now free to refuse the Prayer-book Office for Matrimony to persons over whom it is but profaned by being employed. We understand that high legal authorities have been consulted on this point, and that their opinions have been found adverse. Still we think our Correspondent's view a very important one for the Clergy to take into consideration, and we should be glad to see the question of its legality really tried.]



By the LORD BISHOP OF NORWICH, at Norwich, on Sunday, Jan. 29.


Of Oxford.-S. F. Bignold, B.A. Ball.; J. F. Fagge, B.A. Univ.; G. E. Murray, B.A. All Souls (1. d. Bp. Rochester.)

Of Cambridge.-G. R. Bell, B.A. St. John's; S. L. Chase, B.A. Emm.; C. Cream, B.A. Pem.; J. Farr, B. A. St. John's; R. D. Fowell, B. A. Christ's; C. W. Francken, B.A. Cath. H.; P. Freeman, M.A. Fell. St. Peter's; E. Gillett, B.A. Emm.; E. W. Montagu, B. A. Caius; R. W. Packer, B. A. Cath. H.; J. Penny, B. A. St. John's, at the request of Bp. Bath and Wells; H. E. Rackham, B.A. Trin. H.; J. W. Westhorp, B.A. Clare H.; G. F. Williamson, B. A. Trin.; J. H. Wise, B.A. St. Peter's.

Of St. Bees.-S. Pearson and J. M. Randall.

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Peterborough, on Sunday, Jan. 29.


Of Oxford.-G. Bucknill, B.A. Trin.; T. N. Twopenny, B.A. Oriel; T. R. Green, B.A. Linc. (1. d. Bp. Durham); J. Fuge, M.A. Magd. H. (1. d. Bp. Exeter.)

Of Cambridge.-W. L. Gibson, B.A. Trin.; J. Knipe, B.A. Pem.; H. S. Mathews, B.A. Clare H.; S. L. Smith, B.A. St. John's; L. Poynder, B.A. Trin.; W. Seymour, s.c. L. Trin.; J. Haskoll, B.A. Clare H. (1. d. Abp. Canterbury); F. Wells, B.A. St. John's, (1.d. Bp. Exeter.)

Of Dublin.-A. Moore, B.A. (1. d. Bp. Clogher); G. Edwards, B.A. (l. d. Bp. St. Asaph.)


Of Oxford.-J. W. Cartwright, B.A. St. Mary H.; J. M. Gresley, B.A. St. Mary H.; W. Renand, B.A. Exet.; F. H. M. Blaydes, B.A. Ch. Ch.; A. R. Webster, B.A. St. Mary H.

Of Cambridge.-R. H. Killich, B.A. Queen's; R. Thorpe, M.A. Emm.; A. Hibbitt, B.A. Cath. H.; J. Prickett, B.A. Trin. (l. d. Abp. York.)

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of Lichfield. (Pec. D. & C.


270 313

Bellman, A. H.....
Birley, W....
Blaydes, H. M.....

Aldely, P.C.

Norwich.... D. & C. of Norwich......
Chorlton w. Hardy, P.C. Chester...... Manchester Coll. Ch. ...
Harrington, v............. Peterboro'.. Countess of Dysart...... 421






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Marquis of Aylesbury... 280 648

150 (2968 2407 2204

Brandt, F............ Aldford, R.................. Chester...... Marquis of Westminster 330 737
Buckall, H. J...... Potterspury, v............. Peterboro'.. Earl Bathurst
116 1554
Buckerfield, F. H.
(Pec. D. of
Calvert, T............
Cosserat, G. P. G..
Dallas, J.............
Davies, T...
Dobson, J.

Ekins, R......
Eley, H.....

Ellis, W. W..

Evans, R.....

Fell, S. J.............
Ford, C..
Gray, W.

Hepworth, A. ......
Hibbet, A.....
Hutchinson, J.....
Johnson, F.....
Jones, J. S.
Kennedy, B. H....
Kingdon, W..
Ludlow, A. R......
Luney, R....
Molyneux, B. W..
Newbolt, W. H....
Poole, G. A........
Price, W....
Rich, E. J.
Rocke, R..........
Smith, C. F.........
Snow, J. B.....
Stockdale, H.

Storer, T.............

Thomas, W. P.....

Turner, J............
Vyse, G. S. H......
Ward, G. T..........
Wells, G.
Wilberforce, H. W.

Little Bedwin, v......... (St. James w. St. Paul, P.C. Norwich........ St. Matthew, Ipswich, R. (Chorlton-on-Medlock,Į


Llaneynvelyn, v..........
Wivenhoe, R...............
North Wootton, P.C.....
Broomfield, v.
(St. Clement Danes, R.)
(St. John's, Llantris-

sant, P.c.............
Drigg, P.C..........
Postwick, R........
Ch. Ch. Glasson, P.C....
Pilton, P.C............
Ingoldsthorpe, R.........
Blakesley, v...
Pleshey, P.C..........
Great Gidding
Paull, v....

Prebend of Lichfield.....
Whitstone, R.
Littleton-on- Severn, R..
(Kingsbridge, w.

Churchstow, P.C....
Whitby, P.C............
Paulerspury, R............
Welford, R.
Llangelynin, R......
St. Paul's, Writtle, P.c.
(Littleham, w.



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D. & C. of Norwich......
Lord Chancellor..........


Mrs. Smith
J. B. Chichester, Esq...
N. C. Corsellis, Esq.
Earl Digby.

Bishop of London........
Marquis of Exeter......

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London .....



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mouth, V. ......................
Arreton, v............
Misterton, P.C.........
(St. Andrew's, North-)
ampton, P.C.......
(Wellington, w. West)
Buckland, v.........
Stretford, P.C. Manches. Chester......
Fen Ditton, R. ............ Ely
Boughton, R....... Peterboro'..
Heddington, R............ Sarum
Boxford, R.................. Sarum.......
East Farleigh, v.......... Pec. Cant..


1092 706 1011

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178 3189

344 8435


1864 85 1579

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Rev. W. P. Thomas....
Manchester Coll. Ch. ...
Bishop of Ely......




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R. W. H. Vyse, Esq. 296 360
Rev. J. Wells
Lord Chancellor

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239 310

761 628

858 1461

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(Vice-Principal of Chest. Dio. Training School.

(Principal of Sheffield Colle-
giate School.

Sunday Ev. Lect., Clapham.
Curate of Thoverton.

Jowett, W.....
Machlachlan, A.)
N. C.
Money, H. E. A.. Curate of Weobly, Heref.
Redfern, W. T.... Cur. of St John's, Manchester.
Round, J. T....... Hon. Canon of St. Paul's.
Sharpe, L.......... Preb. in St. Paul's Cath.
Soames, H......... Preb. in St. Paul's Cath.
Williamson, G. F. Curate of Wymondham.

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Extract of the Bishop of Nova Scotia's
Journal, dated Halifax, 21st Dec. 1842.

"IN the course of the year 1842, I have
been enabled, by the goodness of God, to
consecrate seven churches or chapels, and
seven burial grounds; to have 27 con-
firmations, at which 836 persons were
confirmed; to hold two ordinations, at
which two deacons and two priests were
admitted to their respective orders; to
deliver 68 sermons and addresses, at
which more than 8000 different hearers
were present. In accomplishing this, 1436
miles were travelled. Although this falls
far short of the wants of this diocese, and
therefore of my earnest wishes, I desire
to be duly thankful that I have been
permitted to accomplish even this. My
anxiety for the accomplishment' of the
benevolent intention of erecting a new
See for New Brunswick, increases with
my growing consciousness that more
labour is required than any individual
can perform. It is also increased by a
conviction that the circumstances of the
times are peculiarly calculated to insure,
with the Divine blessing, the full benefit
of such creation. The holy influence of
the principles of the Church, of her

NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING PRINCIPLES OF THE THE monthly meeting of the General Committee took place on the 8th instant, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury president in the chair. A large number of very urgent applications for assistance in building, fitting up, and enlarging school-rooms, came under consideration, and the following grants were agreed to:-East Winch, 251.; Belton, 251.; Sandford, 251.; Greenham, 207.; Derry-Hill, Calne, 301.; Bilston, 50l.; Broadwinsor, 601.; Lovington, 351.; Westerleigh, 201.; Miserden, 51.; Crookham, 251.; Oughtibridge, 157.; Bishford, 51.; Birkenhead, 507.; Thame, 107.; Idle, 251.; Chester, St. Mary, for an Infant School, 107, and for a Girls' School, 12.; Bures, 301.; Coates, 201.; Haslington, 15.; Newport, (Salop) 301.; and Membury, 151.

In several of the above cases grants had been previously voted; but the difficulties with which the promoters of the undertaking had to contend, rendered further aid indispensable.

evangelical doctrine, and Apostolic order, is more evident than it was only a few years ago,and thus the greatest encouragement is offered for perseverance in all those exertions which may be necessary for the accomplishment of so important and so happy a work.

"The calls for the continued aid of the Society are not likely to be diminished in the ensuing year. Churches and parsonages are in progress, which are beyond the means of the people, who engage in the holy undertakings; new and urgent appeals are constantly coming in from destitute but growing settlements, where the need of the Church's teaching is becoming more urgent, and where happily that necessity is, as it ought to be, more strongly felt. May such feeling pervade every portion of these colonies; may the people be led every day to realize more effectually their own responsibilities in this matter; and may the Society be strengthened more and more continually, for the extension of their benevolent assistance to every portion of the Colonial Church, where it is required, and, humanly speaking, is merited; and to God be all the glory and the praise !"


Encouragement was also given to the Rev. A. Hulton, and the Rev. J. Handforth, to open for daily instruction two large school-rooms at Ashton-underLyne, which had hitherto been used only upon Sundays. The Rev. J. Sinclair gave notice, that having been appointed to a laborious pastoral charge, he would be under the necessity of resigning his appointment as Secretary.

His Grace the president expressed in strong terms his regret that the Society were about to lose Mr. Sinclair's services; and it was resolved that a subcommittee should make inquiries and examine testimonials, with the view of recommending the most efficient candidate for the office. Applications for organizing masters were received from the Ripon and the Essex Boards of Education. The Secretary reported that the Rev. H. Hopwood, by direction of the Bishop of Salisbury, had commenced a tour of inspection in that diocese.


"ADDOLORATAS IN YOUGHAL.-The Waterford Chronicle of last Saturday states, that more than one case, resembling those of the Tyrol, was supposed to have occurred in the Magdalen asylum of this town. The Waterford Chronicle is inaccurate in some particulars, but is perfectly right in expressing his disbelief of the whole story. We had intended to observe a strict silence on the subject, to avoid scandal; but, as the matter has thus been brought before the world, we think it right, after personal examination, to say that, so far as an unauthorized examination can have any validity, there is little doubt that the director of the asylum has allowed his unsuspecting piety to be imposed on by a gang of wretches, who, if they had their deserts, would indeed bear on their persons the bloody stigmata -of cart-whips, as a fit punishment for their blasphemous and diabolical impieties. We give this, of course, as nothing more than the personal conviction of an individual, founded on his own use of his own eye-sight, and without wishing for a moment to prejudge the judgment of better qualified persons. We are glad to learn that the exhibition, which was beginning to excite a good deal of local curiosity, has been closed, by the prompt interference of the Ordinary, on the representation of some of the neighbouring clergy."Ed. Tablet, who has been lately in Waterford.

LONDON.-St. Marylebone.-The following notice has been circulated among the parishioners of All Souls District, by the Rector, the Dean of Chichester:

"It is proposed to deliver courses of Catechetical Instruction in this church; and all Parents, God-Parents, Guardians of Youth, Masters, Mistresses, and Teachers, are requested to give fin, on any day of the present week, before or after Morning or Evening Prayers, or between the hours of 10 and 12, the names of any such Children, God-children, Apprentices, Servants, and Scholars, as may be desirous of attending, in order that steps may be taken to arrange them in classes according to their respective ages, and proficiency in knowledge. (Further particulars respecting the days and hours will be given hereafter.)

"A course of Catechetical Instruction, preparatory to Confirmation, will be given every Tuesday evening, at half.

past 6 o'clock, and all persons of the full age of sixteen, who desire to offer themselves as candidates for admission to that Rite, (to be administered by the Lord Bishop of London, in the course of the ensuing summer,) are requested also to give in their names, in the course of the present week.'

"We trust this example will speedily be followed in other quarters. If there are any who hesitate upon the subject, we earnestly recommend to them a perusal of Mr. Ley's Documents and Authorities on Public Catechising,' an enlargement of a Series of Papers which originally appeared in Mr. Maurice's' Educational Magazine.' Bishop Short well observes, 'The neglect of the Church Catechism has done more to undermine the true principles of our Church, than any other one thing. While we teach by a formulary, we teach systematically; without one, each man may teach what is right in his own eyes, and not the doctrines of the Church."-English Churchman.

ABERAYRON (ABERYSTWITH) NEW CHURCH. This church, which was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, has been built about seven years; but in consequence of some misunderstanding in the arrangements as to the raising of the required endowment, the late Bishop of St. David's would not consecrate the church. It was opened in the summer of 1836, and divine service carried on there every Sunday evening till the autumn of 1838, when it was all at once relinquished. However, in February, 1839, the Rev. J. D. Jones kindly officiated gratuitously till December, 1839, when it pleased the great Head of the Church to remove him from the Church below. Since that period the inhabitants (the English in particular) have had no regular stated service; and it is very grievous to them and a sore trial, to behold no less than three conventicles in the town, besides others in the parishes of Henfynyw and Llanddewi, while they themselves are without the means of grace. The parish churches are situated two miles from this town, and there only Welsh service is celebrated; but now, (as the advertisement in the January Number of the "Christian Remembrancer" informed its readers,) an endeavour is making to obtain the sum of 1000l. for the purpose of endowing this much-wanted Church, and by this means obtaining the services of a zealous and orthodox clergyman for this much

neglected and destitute place. It is hoped that English Christians will commiserate this very distressing case, and bestow their mite on the Aberayron Church Endowment Fund. It may be right to state that the nomination to the curacy rests either with the Bishop of St. David's or with the patrons of the living of Henfynyw, the Dean and Chapter of St. David's.-(Communicated by the Secretary to the Fund.)

ECCLESIASTICAL COMMISSION DOINGS -CHRIST CHURCH, BELFAST.-" We have lately noticed the dilapidated state in which the Cathedral Church, in Lisburn, has long been allowed to remain, by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; and we find they have paid equally little regard to the petition presented by the congregation of Christ Church, in this town, and to various memorials of the incumbent, in which were set forth the necessity of internal repairs. After the minister had applied for several years in vain, a meeting of the congregation was held last year, when a memorial signed by a great number of the congregation was forwarded, but without effect. An application made this year has also been rejected. Taking both these local cases into consideration, it may well be inquired, whether the expenses of the Commissioners be not too great, and whether salaries of 1000l. per annum each, to several of the Commissioners, be not too large a drain on the funds, when the Cathedral of the diocese, and Christ Church, which contains the largest congregation in the diocese, are left in a state of disreputable neglect."Church Intelligencer.

RELIGIOUS AGITATION AND SYMPATHETIC FEELINGS." In reference to the Birmingham Anniversary Meeting of the Pastoral Aid Society, just held, The Birmingham Advertiser says:-' It has been our practice to attend the meetings of the Church Pastoral Aid Society, but never, on any former occasion, do we call to mind such a fervid display of eloquence, zeal, and abounding interest, as were displayed at the anniversary meeting on Monday evening. There were nearly two thousand persons present, of great respectability, who evidently most warmly participated in the sympathetic feelings such a scene was so well calculated to excite-and upwards of four hours and a half occupied by this 'labour of love,' this religious agitation,' in behalf of our Church, appeared

but to increase, and fix the eager attention, and elicit the unanimous approval of such a numerous assemblage."Church Intelligencer.

"We understand that in consequence of recent events, to which allusion is unnecessary, the Bishop of Madras has resolved in future to withhold his license from the missionaries of the Church Missionary Society, there being no guarantee in the constitution of the Society, as explained and acted upon by the governing body, that his license will be respected in his own diocese."English Churchman.

"The late case of the Attorney-General and Cumming, decided only last week by Mr. Vice-Chancellor Wigram, affords an instructive example of the defenceless state of the heads of the Church in England, and of the natural results of popular elections of clergymen. In the year 1682, the vicarage of Chudleigh, in Devonshire, was invested in certain trustees, who were to summon the parishioners of Chudleigh, having an estate of freehold of not less than twenty years, to elect their vicar, whenever the benefice should be vacant, and were to confirm the election of the bishop nominated by the major part of the voters, and present him to the minister for induction. The original trustees were never to be more than nine, or less than five. Twice, however, had they been permitted to die off to a number less than five. However, in 1838, the six trustees then in being conveyed the advowson to nine others, and among these was Sir L. Palk. In 1841, the vicarage fell vacant, the electors were summoned, legally, according to the Vice-Chancellor, and the election took place on the 21st and 22d of January: Two candidates presented themselves, Mr. Palk and Mr. Cumming. How was the election conducted? Mr. Wigram stated, and his statement was not denied, that, though he would not charge corruption, the election was unseemly, disorderly, and such as ought not to have taken place, held as it was for such a purpose. The evidence of the waiter at the Clifford Arms was, that, previously to the election, certain persons, calling themselves Mr. Palk's committee, sat there; and that during the election, they informed the witness that the voters might have what they liked, such as grog, ale, biscuits, sandwiches, and such like; and that Mr. Scott was the person

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