American Journal of Philology, المجلد 4

الغلاف الأمامي
Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, Charles William Emil Miller, Benjamin Dean Meritt, Tenney Frank, Harold Fredrik Cherniss, Henry Thompson Rowell
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1883
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الصفحة 370 - “I conceive the reason, both of additions to and corruptions of the English language, as of most other tongues, has proceeded from the same causes; namely, from victories, plantations. frontiers, staples of commerce, pedantry of schools, affectation of travellers, translations, fancy and style of court, vernility and mincing of citizens, pulpits, political remonstrances, theatres, shops, etc.
الصفحة 371 - That there might be invented some new periods and accents, besides such as our grammarians and critics use, to assist, inspirit, and modify the pronunciation of sentences, and to stand as marks beforehand how the voice and tone is to be governed; as in reciting of plays, reading of verses,
الصفحة 372 - in some places sterile and barren, by reason of this depopulation, as I may call it; and therefore such places should be new cultivated and enriched, either with the former (if significant) or some other. For example, we have hardly any words that do so fully express the French clinquant,
الصفحة 371 - “The parts affected with it we find to be the accent, analogy, direct interpretation, tropes, phrases, and the like. “I. I would, therefore, humbly propose that there might first be compiled a grammar for the precepts, which (as did the Romans when Crates transferred the art to that city. followed by Diomedes,
الصفحة 135 - It will be evident, however, that these quotations really imply nothing more than a general statement that Callimachus entered books under certain catalogues, in which were found, with the name of the author and the title of the book, the first line of its contents, and the number of lines. And M. Graux'
الصفحة 372 - as to civil addresses, excuses, and forms upon sudden and -unpremeditated (though ordinary) encounters; in which the French, Italians, and Spaniards have a kind of natural grace and talent, which furnishes the conversation and renders it very agreeable; here may come in synonyms, homoinyms,
الصفحة 363 - the case will not admit of pure metaphor, generally pr¿efer a mixture of metaphor and simile; first pointing out the similitude, and afterwards employing metaphorical terms which imply it; or vice versa, explaining a metaphor by a statement of the comparison.”
الصفحة 371 - To this might follow a lexicon or collection of all the pure English words by themselves; then those which are derivative from others, with their prime, certain, and natural signification; then the symbolical, so as no innovation might be used or
الصفحة 84 - Beowulf: an AngloSaxon Poem, and The Fight at Finnsburg. Translated by JAMES M. GARNETT. With facsimile of the Unique Manuscript in the British Museum, Cotton. Vitellius A XV. Boston: Ginn, Heath & Co. 1882.
الصفحة 372 - And since there is likewise a manifest rotation and circling of words, which go in an¿d out like the mode and fashion, books should be consulted for the reduction of some of the old laidaside words and expressions had formerly in deliciis; for our language

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