The History and Contents of Human Rights: A Study of the History and Interpretation of Human Rights

الغلاف الأمامي
Lang, 1986 - 419 من الصفحات
What has been the fate and fortune of the fundamental rights of man in the course of history? What major historical documents have contributed significantly to the emergence of the concept of human rights? What is the essence and what are the implications of the basic natural rigths of man? These are the central questions which Dr. Iwe has explored in this book, which highlights the contribution of Christianity, especially the Papacy, as the advocate of human rights in modern times. Dr. Iwe's book is important for its interpretation of natural law and Christian thought on human rights and for its emphasis on the socio-political significance of human rights for law and order in modern society.

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R Ogbonna Ohuche Ph D 1
May 8 1985
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