The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal, المجلد 47

الغلاف الأمامي
R. Griffiths, 1772

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الصفحة 362 - History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.; with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. By William Robertson, DD To which are added Questions for the Examination of Students.
الصفحة 515 - De profundis in a full choir ; during the intervals of which, the ghost occasionally expressed the comfort he received from their pious exercises and ejaculations on his behalf.
الصفحة 62 - Holland is a country, where the earth is better than the air, and profit more in request than honour; where there is more sense than wit ; more good nature than good humour ; and more wealth than pleasure : where a man would chuse rather to travel than to live ; shall find more things to observe than desire ; and more persons to esteem than to love.
الصفحة 433 - Hence the green earth, and wild resounding waves; Hence light and shade alternate ; warmth and cold ; And clear autumnal skies, and vernal showers, And all the fair variety of things.
الصفحة 202 - We have been here but little more than one hundred years, and yet the force of our privateers in the late war, united, was greater, both in men and guns, than that of the whole British navy in Queen Elizabeth's time.
الصفحة 138 - S's amongst the shrubs of the border, upon which he is to go round, to look on one side at what he has already seen, the large green field ; and on the other side at the boundary, which is never more than a few yards from him, and always obtruding upon his sight : from time to time he perceives a little seat or temple stuck up against the wall ; he rejoices at the discovery, sits...
الصفحة 518 - It is probable, that, previous to all experience, we should as little know whether a sound came from the right or left, from above or below, from a great or a small distance, as we should know whether it was the sound of a drum, or a bell, or a cart.
الصفحة 514 - Wherever the banker conducted him, at every step, his ears were saluted on all sides with the complaints, and groans, not only of his father, but of all his deceased relations, imploring him for the love of God, and in the name of every saint in the calendar, to...
الصفحة 434 - Imagination's tender frame, From nerve to nerve; all naked and alive They catch the spreading rays; till now the soul At length discloses every tuneful spring, To that harmonious movement from without Responsive.
الصفحة 430 - The pleasures of the imagination proceed either from natural objects, as from a flourishing grove, a clear and murmuring fountain, a calm sea by moonlight; or from works of art, such as a noble edifice, a musical tune, a statue, a picture, a poem.

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