GB 1886.176-2016 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB 1886.176-2016, GB1886.176-2016): Food additive -- Lactulose liquid

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This standard applies to food additive isomerized lactose liquids, which are prepared from lactose as raw material by isomerization, with or without alkali under heating conditions, OR the solid products prepared by drying afterwards. 2 Structural formula, molecular formula, relative molecular mass of the main components 2.1 Structural formula 2.2 Molecular formula C12H22O11 2.3 Relative molecular mass 342.30 (according to 2011 international relative atomic mass) 3 Technical requirements 3.1 Sensory requirements Sensory requirements shall comply with Table 1. GB 1886.176-2016 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery. Page 5 of 9 Table 1 -- Sensory requirements Item Requirements Inspection methods Solid Liquid Color White or nearly white Colorless to dark yellow Take appropriate amounts of solid and liquid specimen; place them in white porcelain plates and colorimetric tubes respectively; observe their color and state under natural lightState Crystalline powder Transparent liquid 3.2 Physical and chemical indicators The physical and chemical indicators shall comply with the provisions of Table 2. Table 2 -- Physical and chemical indicators Item Requirements Inspection methods Solid Liquid Isomerized lactose content, w/% ?? 97.0 50.0 A.3 in Appendix A Fructose content, w/% ?? - 1.0 A.3 in Appendix A Galactose content, w/% ?? - 11.0 A.3 in Appendix A Epilactose content, w/% ?? - 4.0 A.3 in Appendix A Lactose content, w/% ?? - 6.0 A.3 in Appendix A pH a 3 ~ 7 GB/T 9724 Ignition residue, w/% ?? 0.5 GB/T 9741 Lead (Pb)/(mg/kg) ?? 1.0 GB 5009.75 or GB 5009.12 Arsenic (As)/(mg/kg) ?? 1.0 GB 5009.76 a The solid specimen shall be prepared into a 100 g/L solution. 3.3 Microbial indicators Microbiological indicators shall comply with the provisions of Table 3. Table 3 -- Microbiological indicators Item Indicators Inspection methods Total number of colonies/(CFU/g) ?? 1000 GB 4789.2 Escherichia coli/(MPN/g) < 3.0 GB 4789.38 Salmonella/25 g Shall not be detected GB 4789.4...

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